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Mekong River (07:01)


Along a stretch of the river, islands sheltering villages appear during the dry season. A fisherman complains about having to compete with poachers.

Rural Classroom (05:23)

The fisherman's son walks to his modest school. His teacher discusses her background and goals for students. The school building did not initially have a concrete floor. After school, chores often overshadow homework.

Family Story (05:54)

The fisherman and his wife are from the same village; theirs is an arranged marriage. They discuss their family, which includes several children, and fishing.

Spiritual Location (05:58)

The fisherman and his children encounter a group of musicians in the shadow of a sacred tree. Locals believe the tree holds the spirit of a genie. Cambodians have two main religions: Buddhism and animism.

Family-Owned Shipyard (03:31)

Workers handcraft wooden boats. Change will eventually impact the region; plastic and fiberglass boats replace the wooden vessels.

Night Fishing (02:20)

Fishermen venture onto the Mekong River. Equipped with headlamps, they repeatedly dive into the river, catching fish by hand.

Monastery Life (06:13)

Buddhism is Cambodia's official religion; monks live and worship in pagodas. A monk discusses his background and aspirations. He attends class and finds his lessons difficult.

Indigenous People (04:02)

The Pnong live in a region of Cambodia that once had no proper roads, helping to preserve local culture and traditions. An elderly woman discusses her background and past traditions.

Great Road (03:30)

The road is opening the region and stimulating trade. A young man rides his scooter to an orchard where he helps his family pick cashews; Cambodia is the largest producer in Asia.

Vanishing Pachyderms (09:56)

A young man feeds his family’s elephant; he became the animal's caretaker after his father grew too old. There are strict rules against breading elephants and it is illegal to catch them.

Credits: Cambodia: From the Mekong to the Foot of the Hills (00:49)

Credits: Cambodia: From the Mekong to the Foot of the Hills

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Cambodia: From the Mekong to the Foot of the Hills

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Traveling along the Mekong River, this program features the Pnong, an aboriginal Cambodian minority ethnic group. It explores their traditions and the ways in which the community keeps its culture alive.

Length: 56 minutes

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