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Inauguration Day (03:50)


In January 2006, thousands gather in Monrovia, Liberia to see President-elect Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; hear portions of her inauguration speech. Sirleaf's sister Jennie Bernard gives a short speech at dinner.

First Week in Office (03:53)

President Sirleaf appoints women to key positions in her cabinet and works to establish the underpinnings of the fiscal system. She confronts a worker at the passport office about money deposits.

Market Relocation (04:51)

Beatrice Munah Sieh returns to Liberia as the National Chief of Police and begins clearing illegal market stalls in Monrovia. During Sirleaf's third week in office, marketeers protest operations.

Debt and Crime (03:06)

Minister of Finance Antoinette Sayeh and Sileaf discuss Liberia's debt. During Sirleaf's seventh week in office, the police raid the Monrovia graveyard to root out looters and suspected drug dealers.

11th Week in Office (03:23)

Police arrest Former President Charles Taylor for war crimes; people protest his innocence and the current economy. Sirleaf meets with political party leaders.

14th Week in Office (05:50)

Sirleaf and her government need to address land ownership and development; war and unscrupulous behavior displaced many people. Sirleaf meets with the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss problems.

17th Week in Office (04:03)

Firestone rubber plantation workers threaten to strike; security personnel have been killed. Sirleaf visits the plantation and demands better living conditions.

23rd Week in Office (05:04)

Sirleaf reflects on working hard and being a private person. Edwin Snowe accuses Sirleaf of bribing lawmakers, dividing the government. Dissent can be dangerous for the country; police crackdown on demonstrations.

Weeks 27 thru 44 in Office (08:33)

A fire erupts at the executive mansion; Sirleaf reflects on inheriting and compounding problems. U.N. Peacekeepers arrive. Retired Liberian soldiers protest in Monrovia and Sirleaf works to find a solution.

48th Week in Office (07:07)

Sirleaf is frustrated by stalled debt relief efforts and meets with the Ministry of Finance. China is a potential finance partner; the Chinese president visits Liberia. Sirleaf meets with President George Bush and the U.S. cancels Liberia's bilateral debt.

52nd Week in Office (02:01)

Sayeh reflects on Liberia's progress. Liberian police receive arms from Nigeria. Sirleaf makes a public address and reflects on strong female leadership in government.

Credits: Iron Ladies of Liberia (00:30)

Credits: Iron Ladies of Liberia

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After fourteen years of civil war, Liberia is a nation ready for change. On January 16, 2006, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was inaugurated president. She is the first ever elected female Head of State in Africa, winning a hotly contested election with the overwhelming support of women across Liberia. Since taking office she has appointed other extraordinary women to leadership positions in all areas of government, including the police chief and the ministers of justice, commerce and finance. Can the first female Liberian president, backed by other powerful women, bring sustainable democracy and peace to such a devastated country?

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