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Durakovo (Village of Fools) (03:43)


Fifteen years after the Soviet Union's collapse, filmmaker Nino Kirtadze meets Mikhail Morozov who shapes "lost souls" into new Russian citizens. Morozov goes for a swim, tells a resident to work faster, and reads a prayer over a loudspeaker.

Recruiting a Resident (07:50)

A mother calls from Moscow requesting a visit with Morozov. Oleg is a law school graduate lacking motivation. Morozov explains the Durakovo organizational structure and demonstrates his connections to Russian Parliament and Vladimir Putin.

Durakovo Village Meeting (10:06)

Residents sing a hymn and praise Morozov. He confronts a man about wanting to leave and demands loyalty. Someone asks whether Russia needs Western-style democracy. Morozov presents his vision of a religious patriarchy led by God and the Tsar.

Political Connections (04:47)

Parliament Vice-Speaker Sergei Nikolaevich calls Morozov to arrange a visit. He believes the West wants a new Cold War and aspires to return Russia to its superpower status. In a press conference, he criticizes free speech and praises Putin.

Russia-Venezuela Relations (04:02)

Nikolaevich meets Venezuelan members of parliament about resisting U.S. pressure against an arms deal. He describes Russia's imperial history and its superpower ambitions. In a press conference, he explains support of reviving Russian Orthodox values.

Fostering Nationalism (04:05)

Young Durakovo residents discuss gaining spiritual faith, a work ethic, and a sense of purpose under Morozov's leadership. They express concern about Russia's social and political well-being under America's influence.

Military and Church Cooperation (04:25)

Moscow celebrates St. Elijah and paratroopers with Putin's approval. Morozov celebrates friend and former military commander Mikhail Petrovich. They express concern about NATO's growing power.

National Revival Party Congress (03:36)

Nikolaevich welcomes delegates from across Russia. They call for banning small business licenses to non-Russians and relinquishing citizenship rights to immigrants.

Planning for Russia's Future (09:05)

Oleg recites a Soviet worker's song while stacking firewood. Nikolaevich visits Morozov; they take a sauna and discuss Durakovo's symbolism as a revival of traditional values. Young residents say democracy is for the West and express anti-immigration sentiment.

Credits: For God Tsar & The Fatherland (00:30)

Credits: For God Tsar & The Fatherland

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Mikhail Morozov is a Russian patriot, good Christian and successful businessman. He owns Durakovo – the “Village of Fools” – 100 km southwest of Moscow. People come here from all over Russia to learn how to live and become true Russians. When they join the Village of Fools, the new residents abandon all their former rights and agree to obey Mikhail Morozov’s strict rules. “What we have here is a society that respects the vertical of power, this is what our country needs most of all,“ says Morozov, quoting his idol, President Vladimir Putin.

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