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Democracy is arguably the greatest political buzzword of our time and is invoked by political leaders, corporations and citizens alike– but what does it mean? Can it be defined, measured, safeguarded? Can it be sold, bought, and transplanted? Can it grow? Can it die? What does it mean to people who can’t even talk about it? What does it mean to people who don’t believe in it? And what does it mean to you? In the 10 years since WHY DEMOCRACY? was broadcast in over 181 countries around the world, global politics has rapidly evolved; with corruption, globalization and rising violence becoming increasing prevalent. As these forces threaten to undermine established democratic structures around the world WHY DEMOCRACY? films are more relevant than ever -serving an urgent reminder that citizens fundamental right to engage in politics is core for democracy to flourish.

Length: 260 minutes

Item#: BVL195851

ISBN: 978-1-64867-610-9

Copyright date: ©2007

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