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Cutting Season (05:31)


Female circumcision is illegal in Tanzania, but still happens to thousands of girls during school holidays. Safe House coordinator Rgibu Samwelli shows girls a film about FGM negative effects at Kwitete School. She helps Flora, 13, plan to run away.

Fighting FGM (02:53)

Most girls are unhappy during the cutting season at the Safe House. Samwelli's parents forced her circumcision as a girl; even educated parents cut their daughters. New arrivals explain why they do not want to be cut.

Escaping FGM (03:43)

Having received a tip-off, armed police officers escort Zawadi, 11, to the Safe House. Her father was negotiating a bride price to an older man and had imprisoned her before the cutting ceremony. Her mother is afraid of her husband.

FGM for Marketability (04:15)

Officer Sijali Nyambuche says parents plan secret cutting ceremonies so their daughters cannot run away. Circumcised girls are worth a higher bride price. Samwelli asks cattle sellers why they prefer circumcised women and educates them on harmful FGM effects.

Forced into FGM (03:48)

At Mugumu Police Station, Nyambuche has arrested parents after failing to stop them from circumcising their daughters in time. Dr. Nyazirali Kitara confirms their clitoris and labia minora have been removed. Jacqueline and Grace share their experience.

Campaign against FGM (03:30)

Village leaders have shifted female circumcisions from daytime to nighttime. Samwelli shares the story of her friend's death with parents planning to cut their daughters. Men spread misinformation about the benefits of FGM and say it supports the local economy.

Prosecuting Female Circumcisers (03:36)

Girls circumcised against their will wait to testify against their families and village elders in court. Nyambuche shows evidence, including razors and blood stained clothing. The Serengeti District Court sentences four "cutters" to three years in prison.

Affirming Children's Rights (03:07)

Samwelli speaks to girls about their rights to protection and education. She prepares to reconcile them with their parents. A nurse confirms they are uncircumcised so that their parents cannot claim they have been cut at the Safe House.

Returning to Families (03:01)

After the cutting season ends, Safe House staff and police try to reconcile girls with their parents. Fathers sign a document agreeing that FGM violates human rights.

Failing to Comply with Laws Banning FGM (03:02)

Samwelli asks a village chairman why 200 girls were recently circumcised. He says he is powerless to stop families from cutting daughters at night. Parents appeal to Samwelli to take their daughters at risk of circumcision back to the Safe House.

Raising FGM Awareness (02:41)

Samwelli and Nyambuche explain to Rhobi's mother that female circumcision is a crime; she and her husband could be imprisoned for cutting their daughter. Rhobi does not trust her mother's promise not to cut her if she returns home.

Providing Child Protective Service (02:32)

Rhobi's parents try to convince her not to return to the Safe House; she is afraid her mother will beat her and circumcise her if she stays home. Samwelli and Nyambuche will visit every three months to ensure Rhobi is safe.

Attempts to Bring Cultural Change (05:43)

Rosie believes her mother's family will circumcise her if she returns home. Her mother says they no longer practice FGM but Rosie says her cousin has already been cut. Rosie returns to the Safe House with Samwelli.

Educating Girls about FGM (03:29)

Samwelli visits Rhobi and brings her a school uniform. Girls who cannot yet go home start school near the Safe House. Rosie and Neema teach their classmates about female circumcision and urge them to seek shelter if their families plan to cut them.

Epilogue (00:35)

Six girls died during Tanzania's cutting season. Hundreds were saved from FGM by police, government, and Safe House interventions. Over 100 girls remained at the Safe House and 137 were reconciled with their families.

Credits: In the Name of Your Daughter (00:30)

Credits: In the Name of Your Daughter

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In Tanzania, circumcised girls are worth twice as much in terms of dowry as uncircumcised girls. Many girls bleed to death during the annual circumcision season, and therefore a group of girls escape to Rhobi Samwelly’s Safe House, where they are safe from their families. The main goal of Rhobi and her colleagues is to bring enlightenment, understanding and love back to the families, and together they defend the girls both at home and in the courts. The film is a story about a modern heroine and some of the bravest girls in the world – girls, who put their lives at risk to change their tough destiny.

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