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Second Family Counseling Session (03:40)


Sonia and her father David identify areas of their relationship that need work and discuss how things have went during the previous week. Sonia recalls inviting a friend to the roller rink.

Responsibility and Expectations (05:05)

Fighting continues to be an issue for Sonia and David; chores are often at the crux of arguments. Sonia thinks the chores are fair but does not like her dad nagging.

Chore Reminder (06:38)

Sonia and David consider using a chore chart and establishing a time frame to help prevent arguments. They discuss setting the table and Sonia makes a list.

Wandering Behavior (05:18)

Sonia considers how to stay on track. David finds her fidgeting, eye rolling, and inattention bothersome. Sonia shares how it feels to be compared to her mother.

Addressing Small Issues (04:28)

David, Sonia, and the counselors reiterate the rules for setting the table this week. Sonia and David role play what would happen if Sonia does not complete the chore within the allotted time frame.

Staying on Task (04:23)

Sonia considers what to do if friends call when she is setting the table. David agrees to give Sonia praise for good behavior. They consider what happens if some days do not go well.

Improving Friendships (03:13)

David agrees to allow Sonia to have an outing with a friend; Sonia wants to make new friends. David considers how to respond when a day does not go well.

Session Review (02:12)

David and Sonia reiterate goals and actions for the week and agree to meet with counselors the following Tuesday.

Credits: Developing Session and Home Tasks (03:27)

Credits: Developing Session and Home Tasks

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Developing Session and Home Tasks

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This program presents a task-centered approach to problems in a family and presents strategies for task development.

Length: 39 minutes

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