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"King Lear": Act I: Scene I (17:41)


Lords Gloucester and Kent discuss King Lear's plan to divide the kingdom. Goneril and Regan flatter their father; Cordelia refuses. Lear casts out Cordelia and divides his kingdom in half. The king of France wants to marry Cordelia; Goneril and Regan will manage Lear. (Credits)

"King Lear": Act I: Scene II (07:53)

Edmund complains about his illegitimate status. He convinces Gloucester that his older brother wants to murder his father. Edmund convinces Edgar that his father is angry at him.

"King Lear": Act I: Scene III (01:25)

Lear strikes a servant because he was rude to the king's fool; the entourage is rowdy. Goneril decides to go to her sister for aid.

"King Lear": Act I: Scene IV (16:56)

Kent disguises himself as a peasant and helps Lear attack Oswald. The fool enters and mocks Lear. Goneril scolds Lear for encouraging his knights' bad behavior and Lear becomes angry. Goneril sends a letter to Regan

"King Lear": Act I: Scene V (01:44)

The fool suggests that escaping to Regan's home might not be a good decision. Lear worries he is going insane.

"King Lear": Act II: Scene I (06:08)

Edmund hears that Regan and the Duke of Cornwall will visit his father. He tells Edgar to flee for his life. After Edgar leaves, Edmund cuts himself and blames Edgar; Gloucester arrives and puts out a reward for the capture of Edgar.

"King Lear": Act II: Scene II (07:38)

The disguised Kent and Oswald arrive at Gloucester's house; they argue and draw weapons. Cornwall orders Kent into the stocks, but Gloucester protests.

"King Lear": Act II: Scene III (02:20)

Kent relates his version of the fight between himself and Oswald. Lear demands Gloucester fetch his daughter. Regan and Cornwall are too tired to come down.

"King Lear": Act II: Scene IV (14:43)

Regan and Cornwall release Kent from the stockade. Lear complains about Goneril's behavior and insists his knights stay with Regan. The sisters declare he does not need knights and Lear rushes outside, into a storm

"King Lear": Act III: Scene I (01:30)

Kent gives a gentleman his ring and a message for the Queen of France, informing her of the growing issues between Lear and his two daughters.

"King Lear": Act III: Scene II (04:02)

The fool begs Lear to go back to his daughter's house, but he refuses. Kent arrives and escorts them to a nearby hovel. Gloucester confesses that he is unhappy with the sister's treatment of the king and that tensions are rising between Albany and Cornwall.

"King Lear": Act III: Scene III (01:50)

Gloucester entrusts Edmund with his plan to find Lear and asks him to lie to the duke about his whereabouts.

"King Lear": Act III: Scene IV (07:41)

Lear prefers to remain outside and orders Kent and the fool to seek shelter. Edgar, disguised as Poor Tom, pretends he is insane. Lear projects his fears upon Edgar and starts taking off his clothes. Gloucester arrives and Lear agrees to leave if Poor Tom also goes.

"King Lear": Act III: Scene V (01:14)

Cornwall declares Edmund will become the new Earl of Gloucester and orders him to find his father.

"King Lear": Act III: Scene VI (05:46)

Lear hallucinates that his daughters are in the room and demands that Edgar, Kent, and the fool judge their crimes. Gloucester returns, announcing a plot on Lear's life. Kent wakes puts Lear in a litter to Dover. Edgar admits there is no greater suffering then mental illness.

"King Lear": Act III: Scene VII (07:56)

The fool is hung. Gloucester verbally attacks Regan and Cornwall for their treatment of Lear. Cornwall rips out Gloucester's eyes and Regan informs the prisoner that Edmond turned him in; Gloucester realizes Edgar is innocent.

"King Lear": Act IV: Scene I (04:05)

Gloucester laments the loss of his son. Edgar discovers his father has been blinded. Gloucester asks Poor Tom to lead him to the Cliffs of Dover so he can jump off.

"King Lear": Act IV: Scene II (04:57)

Goneril seduces Edmund; Oswald watches. Albany arrives and berates her for treating Lear poorly. A messenger arrives and announces that the Duke of Cornwall died after plucking out Gloucester's eyes.

"King Lear": Act IV: Scenes III, IV, V (02:24)

Cordelia sends soldiers to find Lear, who ran away from his caretakers. Regan informs Oswald that she should marry Edmund and there is a reward for killing Gloucester.

"King Lear": Act IV: Scene VI (17:38)

Edgar convinces Gloucester they are at the cliff's edge and Gloucester attempts suicide. Lear recognizes Gloucester and then slips back into madness before fleeing. When Oswald attacks Gloucester, Edgar kills him. Goneril's letter asks that Edmund kill her husband.

"King Lear": Act IV: Scene VII (07:03)

Cordelia asks Kent how she can emulate him. A doctor wakes Lear and Lear assumes he is in the afterlife, surrounded by spirits. Cordelia helps him obtain his bearings; both beg for forgiveness.

"King Lear": Act V: Scene I (04:41)

Regan asks if Edmund loves her sister and orders him to stay out of the bed. Edgar gives Albany Goneril's letter, demanding he read it prior to battle, and offers to become his champion. Edmund wonders which sister he should marry.

"King Lear": Act V: Scene II (05:17)

Edgar hides Gloucester and runs off to battle. Upon capture, Lear tells Cordelia he no longer wants to rule. Edmund writes an order on a piece of paper and gives it to the captain.

"King Lear": Act V: Scene III (20:13)

Regan claims Edmund as her future husband. Albany arrests Goneril and Edmund for treason. Goneril confesses she poisoned her sister. Edgar stabs Edmund. Lear refuses to acknowledge Kent's devotion; Lear dies. Kent refuses to rule England with Edgar.

Credits: King Lear (00:49)

Credits: King Lear

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PBS Masterpiece Theatre's Emmy-nominated HD presentation of The Royal Shakespeare Company's multi-award winning production of King Lear was reviewed as the greatest version in a generation. In this masterful, sympathetic rendition of the tragedy, Ian McKellen gives a powerful, once-in-a-lifetime performance as the aging monarch, driven mad by his paranoid family fantasies of the "monster ingratitude" of his daughters. The play's stage director, Trevor Nunn, and Christ Hunt direct. Amusingly, the cast includes the former Doctor Who, Sylvester McCoy, as the Fool. Filmed at Britain's legendary Pinewood Studios, historic partner in many of the world's finest films.

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