Titles in this Series

Julian Opie

Item #: 194726

Howard Hodgkin

Item #: 194727

Lisa Milroy

Item #: 194728

Gilbert & George

Item #: 194729

Hamish Fulton

Item #: 194730

Karl Weschke

Item #: 194731

Malcolm Morley

Item #: 194732

Joe Tilson

Item #: 194733

Yinka Shonibare

Item #: 194734

Gary Hume

Item #: 194735

Chris Ofili

Item #: 194736

Dryden Goodwin

Item #: 194737

Ian Davenport

Item #: 194738

Sandra Blow

Item #: 194739

Michael Craig-Martin

Item #: 194740

Gillian Ayres

Item #: 194741

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This group of 16 documentaries features artists who work with painting, photography and video art. Presenting the artist in discussion and illustrated by newly-filmed sequences of their works, each film offers a rare insight into an artist’s influences and ideas. theEYE is an excellent introduction to contemporary artists and their works and provides an accessible means of engaging with the pleasures and puzzles of art in the twenty-first century.

Length: 416 minutes

Item#: BVL194802

ISBN: 978-1-64867-427-3

Copyright date: ©2008

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