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Introduction: Managing Media and Databases (06:09)


DaVinci Resolve utilizes a database to store all projects, bins, and timelines. Ollie Kenchington demonstrates how to copy media from one drive to another incorporating handles. Consolidating media can be used to remove video and audio clips that are no longer needed; archiving a project collects all files and places them in a destination folder.

Creating and Switching Databases (07:28)

Use the database to back-up and move all projects and their timelines. A database can be stored on a server where several DaVinci Resolve workstations can be linked. Kenchington demonstrates the correct way to create, switch between, and back-up databases.

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Managing Media and Databases

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In the final lesson in the course Ollie covers management of the DaVinci Resolve database and how to backup and administer your installation and media files.

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