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Introduction: Designing Creative Looks (03:39)


Colors influence how the audience should feel about a scene, and communicate place and time. Ollie Kenchington demonstrates how to turn an image black and white using the monochrome function.

Using LUTs for Quick Looks (08:12)

Look-Up Tables are a mathematically precise way of modifying RGB values to assist with gamut conversions, monitor calibrations, and generate creative looks. Kenchington demonstrates installing and applying changes to a third-party LUT. LUTs do not use node structures nor employ secondary grading practices.

Creating a Bleach Bypass (04:28)

"Saving Private Ryan" and "Seven" purposely excluded the bleach stage. Kenchington demonstrates how to decrease saturation and increase contrast using custom curves to mimic the look. The power grade album shares grades across projects.

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Designing Creative Looks

Part of the Series : The Definitive Guide to Davinci Resolve
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In the final color module of the course Ollie reviews how to create creative looks in DaVinci Resolve, including working with LUTs.

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