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Introduction: Creating Graphics and Effects in Fusion (04:23)


Visual effects help transform the audience into a completely immersive world. DaVinci Resolve streamlines post-production duties because mixing, graphics, and color grading are all done with the same application. Ollie Kenchington will demonstrate how to composite shots, use a green screen key, and animate titles in this episode.

Understanding Fusion (06:02)

The MediaIn button represents the image that has been sent to Fusion, while the MediaOut depicts the image being sent back to the timeline. Kenchington demonstrates how to apply a Grid Warp tool. Any effect performed in Fusion will also be visible on the Edit page in DaVinci Resolve.

Adding Clips from the Media Pool (13:34)

Visual effects combine two or more images to make a new one. Kenchington demonstrates how to composite clips using the merge node and the blur tool. The alpha channel determines which parts of an image are opaque and which are transparent.

Painting on Clips (06:12)

DaVinci Resolve's Fusion page allows users to creatively paint elements into shots. Kenchington demonstrates adding glare using the stroke tool and by linking multiple merge tools. Hardlight, overlay and softlight increase contrast in composite shots.

Pulling a Green Screen Key (09:06)

Work performed on the Edit page carries over to the Fusion page in DaVinci Resolve. Kenchington demonstrates creating a matte by using the Delta Keyer tool. After turning on the alpha channel, areas that appear gray are semi-transparent.

Tracking Motion (07:53)

Kenchington demonstrates creating a motion path to better integrate the planet background. When tracking a fast object an editor may need to increase the search box size. A transform node must be added to move or reposition clips because videos in Fusion do not have any position, rotation, or scaling.

Placing Titles Over Video (14:09)

Good graphics should convey information while remaining true to the look of the program itself. Kenchington demonstrates creating a main title sequence that holds the audience's attention. DaVinci allows the user to control the position, shearing, and rotation of each element.

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Creating Graphics and Effects in Fusion

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In addition to a fully fledged audio workstation with Fairlight, DaVinci Resolve also includes a complete motion graphics, VFX and compositing application in the Fusion page. Here Ollie introduces us to working with Fusion, and shows us how to perform basic composites, motion titles and a complete green screen key with tracking.

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