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Introduction: Working with Audio on the Edit Page (14:13)


Before handing the project to an audio editor, give your client a sense of what the final mix may sound like. DaVinci Resolve includes all the tools as a digital audio workstation in its Fairlight page. Ollie Kenchington will demonstrate how to place markers, incorporate additional audio tracks, and set levels to create a balanced mix.

Customizing the Interface for Audio (06:55)

Waveforms are a handy visual reference to determine volume. Kenchington demonstrates creating an optimal timeline and inserting additional audio tracks for special effects. Position the playhead at the location where the prop plane enters the frame.

Finding Markers Using the Edit Index (07:43)

The edit index provides a list view of all events, clips, and markers in a current timeline. Kenchington demonstrates navigating and organizing the Edit Page using markers in DaVinci Resolve. Create a sync relationship between sound effects and video by selecting both and clicking link clips; meters provide a visual guide to make audio volume and processing adjustments.

Reading Meters and Setting Targets (12:30)

Meters measure the volume of audio clips; any sounds above 0dB are distorted. Kenchington suggests guidelines for dialogue, sound effects, and music and demonstrates applying the normalization tool. Incorporate keyframes to rise and lower audio levels within a speciic clip.

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Working with Audio on the Edit Page

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While DaVinci Resolve features a completely integrated Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with Fairlight, it's also important to be able to manage basic audio parameters from within the Edit page, which is what Ollie walks us through in this lesson.

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