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Introduction: Assembling a Rough Cut (09:57)


Create a timeline to place clips in order. Ollie Kenchington demonstrates how to use the edit page in DaVinci Resolve; the "j," "k," and "l" keyboard shortcuts help editors change the clip speed. Assign a color tag for ease of access.

Edit Overlay (07:02)

Kenchington demonstrates the functions of the menu and marking in and out points in a video clip. Adobe Resolve has a history menu allowing editors to return to previous editing points.

Inserting Clips into a Timeline (13:47)

The three most commonly used editing functions include insert, overwrite, and replace. Kenchington demonstrates building a rough cut of footage. Any clips will be inserted at the location of the playhead; eliminate jump cuts by incorporating b-roll footage.

Overwriting Video Only (07:19)

Cut-aways help prevent jump cuts, refocus the audience's attention, and enhance the interviewer's commentary. Kenchington demonstrates how to change the video while retaining the source track's audio. The three-point editing tool in DaVinci Resolve allows the editor to be precise and quick.

Making a V2 Cut Away (05:08)

Kenchington demonstrates how to layer tracks atop each other. Consider placing b-roll footage on track two for efficiency and continuity.

Editing from a Bin (07:06)

Set marks using thumbnails if it contains no audio. Kenchington demonstrates how to create a montage using the media pool and the replace edit function. Drag clips into a timeline through the edit overlay function.

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Assembling a Rough Cut

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Moving on to the Edit page, Ollie shows us how to assemble a timeline, scrub through clips and create basic edits to assemble a rough cut.

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