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Introduction: Organizing a New Project (06:24)


This episode will teach how to correctly start a new project. Ollie Kenchington demonstrates how to reset the project layout and customize its settings to an accurate framerate and film type. The media storage category allows the user to assign hard drives for management.

Exploring the DaVinci Resolve Interface (10:53)

Pages that correspond to a traditional post-production workflow include media, edit, fusion, color, fairlight, and deliver. The media page is the most efficient in organizing and importing video and audio clips. Kenchington demonstrates how to organize footage using bins and changing reference thumbnails.

Viewing Clip Metadata (04:27)

The Metadata Editor includes the duration, size, framerate, format, keywords, and resolution. The option to save will only occur after altering the metadata on two or more clips.

Making New Bins (16:21)

Relying on the master bin to organize clips is not very efficient. Logging creates custom bins which allows the user to find desired footage quickly. Kenchington demonstrates how to build new folders, grouping clips using smart bins, and playback interface hotkeys.

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Organizing a New Project

Part of the Series : The Definitive Guide to Davinci Resolve
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Having taken a quick overview of creating a movie in DaVinci Resolve in the opening module, Ollie starts to explain the software in much more depth. In this lesson we look at creating and setting up a project, before going through the Media Pool and how to import, manage and sort clips to help with workflow.

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