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Introduction: Quickstart: Editing a One Minute Movie (03:10)


Ollie Kenchington will examine Blackmagic's official course material to become a certified editor. Open DaVinci Resolve by clicking on its icon and double-clicking "Untitled Project." The edit page has four sections: media pool, source, timeline, and the viewer.

Preliminary Edits (08:03)

Kenchington demonstrates how to drag a still from the media pool into the timeline. Use the source viewer to preview a clip first. Learn how to overwrite video clips while maintaining audio.

Editing Narration (09:05)

Develop the story by incorporating another interview segment and choosing applicable b-roll clips. Kenchington demonstrates marking in and out points of dialogue using audio waveform tools.

Adding a Soundtrack (09:11)

Listen to the music while watching the waveform. Kenchington demonstrates another audio track, adjusting levels, and removing a portion of the video clip from the timeline.

Panning and Zooming on Photos (04:49)

DaVinci Resolve has an automatic panning effect to zoom across photographs. Kenchington enables the dynamic zoom function and demonstrates how to modify the animation.

Adding a Title (07:48)

Main title sequences incorporate topography, color, and animation in creative ways. Kenchington demonstrates how to use the effects library and adding a title template. Ensure text is in the title-safe guide of the screen.

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Quickstart: Editing a One Minute Movie

Part of the Series : The Definitive Guide to Davinci Resolve
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Before we start to deep dive into DaVinci Resolve, in this introductory module Ollie uses the project of a one-minute short movie to get you comfortable with many of the concepts that will be taught throughout the course.

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