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Introduction: Film Emulation (05:04)


Texture, color, and halation are the three main qualities of film footage; halation becomes more of a dominant feature the smaller the film size. Ollie Kenchington will grade a music video that was shot on two different cameras: the ARRI Amira and the SR2. Films feel right because many individuals grew up watching movies on the medium.

Matching Two Cameras (12:52)

Focus on the color first, incorporate halation into the Amira footage, and then add grain. The "FilmConvert" plug-in will automatically adjust the technical grade of the Amira to match the Kodak Vision 3 500 T Stock. Kenchington performs a color grade while incorporating the director's vision.

Grain (05:04)

Philip Bloom describes how "FilmConvert" makes matching cameras very easy. Silver Halide crystals create the grain patina in film stock; assure continuity by keeping film stock the same size and speed. De-noise a video before adding in grain.

Film vs. Video (04:17)

If Brett Danton were teaching college, he would have all his students work in film stock to learn not to be wasteful and teach accuracy. Kenchington demonstrates the film emulation, grain, and damage effects in DaVinci Resolve.

Halation (08:17)

Kenchington demonstrates how he increases the blur radius and node sizing in DaVinci Resolve. People feel nostalgia towards film stock; you can achieve the same look in digital. The Light Illusion Film LUT is very easy to use and provides a quick solution.

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Film Emulation

Part of the Series : Mastering Color
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In this module, Ollie tackles the two distinct areas of the look of film - texture and color. What can you do with stock effects? What can be achieved with dedicated tools, like FilmConvert? Ollie uses the latest music video from acclaimed celluloid DP, Jamie Harding, to show how he matches footage from the Arri Alexa and Arri SR2. He also gives a demonstration of how he addresses film halation, using simple techniques in DaVinci Resolve.

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