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Introduction: Creative Looks (02:43)


Philip Bloom describes how broadcast television determines how stylized its programs are. Most clients will footage realistic. This episode will concentrate on tips and techniques for adding creative looks quickly to a project.

Creative LUT (10:35)

"Deluts" is a custom package created by James Miller. Perform a technical grade and ensure continuity before application adjusting contrast, gamma, and white balance. Ollie Kenchington demonstrates how to add the Wakefield and Worchester tools using different nodes in DaVinci Resolve.

In Production (03:34)

Brett Danton describes how he incorporated his own creative look using a Canon C300 Mark II camera. Consider using the LUT preview area in DaVinci Resolve before application.

Creating Your Own LUT (07:17)

Kenchington demonstrates applying a technical grade and then building his own LUT in DaVinci Resolve. Test the image's limits first. Consider finding interesting stills from cinema and attempt to match the creative look.

Starting Over (10:19)

Take frequent breaks to clear one's mind and allow one's eyes to reset; ensure the LUT does not affect the continuity of the scene or the narrative of the subject. Directors provide tips and techniques when grading color and creating stylized looks. Kenchington demonstrates using the hue-versus-hue, preserve luminance, and monochrome feature in DaVinci Resolve.

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Creative Looks

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Ollie starts here with a discussion about the differences between technical and creative LUTs. Ollie talks about the importance of owning your own images and gives tips on how to develop your own looks using curves and qualifiers, the differences between monochrome and desaturated looks and how to use split screens and versions in DaVinci Resolve to audition looks quickly.

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