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Introduction: Skin Tones (05:17)


Memory colors are colors that human beings view on a daily basis that cause physical and emotional responses. Audience members will feel uneasy by having skin tones appear sickly or too pink, yellow, or green; backgrounds, clothing, and objects can be color corrected to create the look of the film. Peter Swords King describes industry standards for foundations.

Melanin (03:15)

Human beings all share the same type of pigment in varying quantities; the fat layer determines the luminosity of one's skin. The neck area appears more yellow because the blood vessels are deeper than in the face. Kenchington demonstrates using the flesh tone indicator in DaVinci Resolve.

No One is the Same Color (11:05)

Peter Swords King describes how fashion changed when people started to tan. Ensure the camera is white balanced and provide good lighting. Kenchington demonstrates how to perform beauty work in DaVinci Resolve by incorporating blurs in pink areas.

Beauty Shots (08:31)

The darkest parts of the face fall on the flesh tone line and the pinkest parts veer to the right in ideal images. Having green tones in skin makes an image look ugly. Kenchington demonstrates how to use masks and windows to fix skin tones in DaVinci Resolve.

Camera Interpretation (07:36)

King discusses realizing that the prosthetics made everyone look as if they had jaundice on the dailies of "The Hobbit." Protect your skin tones by creating parallel nodes when incorporating creative looks in the background. Face Refinement in DaVinci Resolve will track an individual's face throughout the scene.

Reflectivity (04:08)

Kenchington demonstrates how to fix hotspots on bald heads using skin tints in DaVinci Resolve. The tips provided in this video will help deliver rich and clean footage to a client.

Example of Good Skin Tones on Television (07:30)

Bruises travel from black to blue to green to yellow. "Westworld" has an incredibly clean look to it, is realistic, and incorporates high contrast. Kenchington describes how the television program includes creative looks.

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Skin Tones

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With the fundamentals of primary grading dealt with, Ollie now turns his attention to one of the most important parts of color grading - skin tones. What are memory colors? Is there such a thing as the perfect skin tone? How do we make faces look realistic, yet cinematic at the same time? All these questions are answered by Ollie in this module, with valuable contributions made along the way by Academy award-winning makeup artist, Peter Swords King.

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