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Introduction: PolyLove (02:29)


Movies, TV shows, and other media reinforce the social norm of monogamy, but that may be changing. Participants in this documentary are in committed relationships with multiple romantic and sexual partners.

What is Polyamory? (03:58)

Gabriel Clark's wife allows him to sleep with other men but not women. Members of other polyamorous relationships discuss myths and realities that surround the practice of "consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy.”

West Hollywood Couple (01:25)

Brent Everett is a porn star who performs on webcam. Steve Pena is a self-described conservative Latino Catholic who initially had reservations about getting involved with Everett. They are now married and in an open relationship.

Open Relationship (02:20)

Sex educator Caitlin Roberts recalls feeling resistant to the idea of monogamy as a teenager. She wanted a polyamorous relationship, but her ex-husband did not. She has sex with her boyfriend, Matt Jeffrey, but not his girlfriend, Michelle Imai.

Military Veteran (02:38)

Jayson Smith left active duty because of the Army’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. He met Pena on Facebook after Pena and Everett decided to date other people.

Partner Hierarchy (03:06)

Imai and Jeffrey are primary partners, with the most time invested and deepest emotional connection in the relationship; Roberts is happy to give them space. Others discuss complications that can arise from this dynamic.

"Throuple" (02:08)

Smith and Everett make a connection. They, along with Pena, are now in a primary relationship; ensuring everyone's needs are met requires work.

Open Communication (02:07)

Laurie Betito and Clark discuss the latter’s open relationship on the radio. They and others stress the importance of communication for a successful relationship with multiple people; jealousy is often an issue.

Coming Out as Poly (03:57)

Roberts and Imai are friends; they met long before Imai and Jeffrey dated. Imai jokes about “poly problems.” The families and friends of people in polyamorous relationships often have trouble understanding the lifestyle.

Family Connections (02:18)

Everett spends time with his mother, Donna Germain. She recalls Everett as an exceptionally creative child. Everett’s parents accept his life choices.

Theatrical Performance (04:07)

Roberts appears in a play that explains polyamorous relationships; her co-star is a puppet. Imai spends time with her son, recalling the decision to leave his father. Jeffrey recalls being initially apprehensive about dating a mother.

Overcoming Jealousy (04:25)

Everett feels left out by Pena and Smith. Envy can be a problem in polyamorous relationships. “Compersion" is the joy that arises from experiencing a loved one love another.

Relationship Terms (03:14)

Jeffrey and Imai talk about their busy schedule; they keep joint and individual calendars. Others discuss ground rules they have encountered in polyamorous relationships. It is important to establish boundaries.

Poly Stigma (02:18)

Everett and Smith discuss people who are hostile toward their “throuple.” Betito and Clark discuss the judgement of others. People in polyamorous relationships face social policing from people who do not agree with their lifestyle.

Moral Support (03:46)

Roberts hosts a potluck at her apartment. Many of the attendees are polyamorous. Everett has a drug problem and struggles under the pressures of his porn career; his family gathers to support him.

Failed Relationships (04:18)

Jeffrey no longer sees Imai and is in a new relationship. Smith has broken up with Pena and Everett, who are open to another “throuple.” Dr. Carrie Jenkins and others discuss factors that contribute to polyamorous relationships failing.

Reassessing Romance (01:52)

Imai discusses her breakup with Jeffrey. She declares herself “solo poly” and balances two relationships that are more casual. She tries to teach her son positive lessons about love.

"Unbreakable" (01:35)

Everett prepares for his first gallery showing; it is inspired by his struggles with addiction. He is no longer in the porn industry, and he and Pena are still together.

Roberts' New Career (03:31)

Roberts earns her sex educator certificate; the Washington Post wrote about her body image workshop. She and Jeffrey are no longer together. She has a new primary partner and is training to be a sex surrogate.

Changing Norms (02:51)

Everett is ecstatic following the opening of his gallery show. He still searches for purpose, but feels he is on track. Roberts and others believe that polyamory is becoming more socially acceptable.

Credits: PolyLove (00:31)

Credits: PolyLove

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In this investigative documentary, we explore non-monogamy and the journey to define a relationship. Statistically, more young people are now saying 'I don't' or 'I delay' than 'I do'. For non-monogamous relationships, loving someone enough to set them free isn't just a trite metaphor, it's essential for personal and relationship growth. This program looks at why ‘cheating’ is more socially forgivable than discussing the option of non-monogamy or polyamory with those we love. Non-monogamy demands radical rethinking of our societal constructs.

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