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Food and Children (02:28)


Childhood feeding expert Dr. Katja Rowell introduces six topics that address food-related issues facing many families with young children.

Making Family Meals Happen (04:56)

For successful family meals, limit distractions, and serve foods family-style. Each meal should contain a least one grain, two fruits or vegetables, one protein, and bread. Parents decide what, when, and where children eat, but how much or if a child eats.

Helping Your Picky Eater (03:30)

Picky eating affects nutrition, behavior, and is often a source of family conflict. Do not pressure, reward, or bribe children to eat. Parents decide what, when, and where children eat; children decide if and how much to eat.

Family Meals When Eating Out (03:41)

Eating together, no matter where, defines the family meal. Avoid eating in the car. Choose family-friendly restaurants. Avoid the "kid's menu," and let them share an entree instead. Aim for foods from at least 2 food groups and limit to 1 fried food.

Is Your Child Too Big? (04:47)

BMI, or body mass index, is often misunderstood. Labeling children makes matters worse. Steady growth is healthy. Do not focus on weight, focus on behaviors. Model healthy behaviors. Do not put a child on a diet. Limit television time.

What if Your Child Is too Small? (04:18)

Children naturally eat erratically and may be picky. Review growth charts from the child's birth with a knowledgeable health care provider. Plan balanced meals and snacks. Offer fat, protein, and carbohydrates at all meals.

Planning Snacks (04:23)

Balanced and satisfying snacks help children maintain balanced blood sugar levels, more energy, and better behavior and attention. Serve snacks and meals every 2-3 hours for toddlers and preschoolers, and every 3-4 hours for older children.

Credits: "Kid and Family Food Issues" (00:33)

Credits: "Kid and Family Food Issues"

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Kid and Family Food Issues

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Getting kids to eat can be a constant battle for some parents, while others may be restricting their child’s caloric intake to thwart weight gain. In this program, childhood feeding expert Dr. Katja Rowell presents six segments that address the food-related issues facing many families with young children. Offering practical techniques that make meals pleasant for everyone at the table, the goal is to raise children who have a healthy relationship with food and with their bodies. Topics include making family meals happen, helping picky eaters, eating in restaurants, feeding children labeled overweight, feeding children labeled underweight, and healthy snacking. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (29 minutes)  

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