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West Texas Protest (03:52)


In West Texas, Mark Glover lays underneath a bulldozer to stop a pipeline from being built. Travis Bubenik reports on the protests that have occurred. Kelcy Warren believes that the activists are being naive.

Two Rivers Camp (03:50)

Lori Glover describes why she and her husband founded the encampment. None of the tribes in the area possess federal recognition. Frankie Orona explains that the camp is almost 100% self-sufficient.

Ancient Archeological Site (04:06)

The land belongs to itself. Protestors participate in a Native American ritual on the autumnal equinox. David Keller watches as bulldozers destroy a prehistoric kitchen.

A Home Not a Desert (03:50)

People need to respect that the wind, water, and air has its own life. Xoxi Nayapiltzin advocates for responsible and safe development. Nopalitos are very tender because it is new growth.

Trap Spring Archeological Site (02:15)

Roberto Lujan grows pomegranates on the land. Indigenous people are segregated and thought of as third-class citizens.

Environmental Ethics (02:56)

Activists describe why they joined the Two River Camp. Indigenous people arrive to protest the pipeline. Two of the water protectors are arrested.

Balmorhea State Park (02:52)

Protestors enjoy the natural spring to remind themselves what they are fighting for. Apache Corporation decides to expand its drilling into the region endangering the underground water.

McDonald Observatory (03:12)

Telescopes capture images of the night skies. Bill Wren describes the amount of glare emitted by different types of drilling rigs.

Explosions and Drilling (05:04)

The Glovers meet with other activists to discuss a report on health issues surrounding oil and gas drilling. The Two Rivers Camp asks for donations. A reporter interviews members of the encampment.

No Recognition for Native Americans (03:08)

Mark Glover describes how his great grandmother, Betty Love, walked the Trail of Tears. There are only three reservations in the state of Texas. Changing the state will change the world.

Criminal Mischief (04:19)

Lori Glover is arrested on pipeline property for trespassing. Warren discusses how the protests are violent on "TheBlaze." Glover breaks down over his poor financial situation.

Conflict of Interest (03:17)

Activists complain that Warren should not be allowed to vote on any pipeline decisions for the Parks and Wildlife Board. Oil and gas dictate the laws in Texas. Lori is sentenced for criminal mischief.

Next Protest (04:12)

Jacalyn Hagans and Glover prepare to stop the construction workers from building the pipeline. Ryan Martin reports that Pete Hefflin violated his parole. Private investigators are searching for information to make the Two Rivers Camp appear disreputable to the public.

Sacred Sites Destroyed (02:00)

Keller describes how the protesters were naive to think that the public would become enraged by the pipeline.

Two Rivers Camp Closed (04:33)

The Glovers close down the camp and want to approach life differently. Someday there will be enough people to shut down the oil and gas industry. The movement takes a lot of heart and hard work.

Credits: A Texas Myth (00:31)

Credits: A Texas Myth

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The Glover family invites an indigenous activist group to start a protest camp on their land in West Texas. They call the camp Two Rivers and fight the same company that built the pipeline at Standing Rock. As several industrial projects threaten the region, their struggle reveals much about the colonial legacy of Texas, and how what happens in Texas has reverberations around the world. 

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