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In the Moment of Tragedy Hartford, CT (02:32)


Hartford struggles with the effects of gun violence. Reverend Sam Saylor launches a balloon at the memorial of his son. Reverend Henry Brown from Hope Street Ministries speaks at a Mothers Against Violence Rally.

Building Community Among Faith Leaders (03:43)

Religious leaders discuss the impact of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. A child's death causes frustration and anger. Matt Crebbin explains how urban communities reached out with compassion to help.

Personal Impact of Trauma (02:55)

Saylor and Brown discuss the personal traumas that made them want to advocate against gun violence.

Living with Continual Re-Traumatization (01:07)

Triggers can be yellow tape, corpses, or blood. Young people see gun violence so frequently they become immune.

Clergy as First Responder (02:22)

Words cannot describe some of the emotions felt when meeting families who have lost loved ones. Those who survive will never be the same. Ministers convey hope to those who have experienced trauma.

Sweet Justice versus Street Justice (01:14)

Ministers try to prevent street justice because it further hurts the community. Sweet justice allows for closure.

Resiliency in the Face of Ongoing Trauma (02:44)

Religious leaders discuss crying in private and leaning on each other for support. Ministers should be able to say they need breaks. God does not want the clergy to sacrifice themselves.

Building Trauma-Informed Ministries (01:34)

The clergy needs to receive individuals at the moment they experience a crisis. Vigils and rallies are designed so ministers can meet the community.

Pastoring through Chronic Stress and Violence (01:04)

People who have experienced trauma wonder where God is. The clergy sees what works against their ministry.

Learning to Ask for Support (01:56)

Connecticut is the murder capital of New England. God is superman and clergy need to be willing to pass on their congregation to others.

Credits: Pastoring in a Community that Faces Continual Trauma (00:50)

Credits: Pastoring in a Community that Faces Continual Trauma

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Pastoring in a Community that Faces Continual Trauma

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Reverend Crebbin continues the conversation about chronic gun violence as he speaks with Pastor Samuel Saylor, Sr., Senior Pastor of Gardner Memorial AME Zion Church, and Pastor Henry Brown of Hope Street Ministries and Mothers Against Violence in Hartford, CT. Pastors Saylor and Brown both have personal connections to trauma that they discuss with Reverend Crebbin. In this program, they describe how they cope with the chronic stress, both mental and physical, that can result from ministering to a community that is continually re-traumatized by gun violence.

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