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Death and Legacy (03:53)


Richard Wagner died at the Ca' Vendramin Calergi. "Wagnerians" traveled to Venice in honor of the composer's 100th birthday. Wagner composed music with certain vibrations activating something within us and made fun of people. (Credits)

Wagner's Life (02:44)

Born in a Leipzig Inn, Wagner spent his childhood concerned with Christianity and religious music. An arrest warrant was issued for the composer during the 1848 revolution. Wagner rejected the Church but was a Christian.

"Tannhauser" (03:03)

After an orgy, Tannhauser left Venus because he realized that man is spiritual. The hero looked for an earthly way for salvation after the Church rejected him.

"Psychedelic Music" (03:12)

Wagner's music created pathways for expanding consciousness. Christian Ratsch understood Wagner after listening to an aria from "Gutterdammerung." God's sovereignty, power, and greed collapsed at the end of the Ring Cycle.

Art Is Religion (04:17)

Wagner created the Bayreuth Festival in 1875 to replace politics with art. King Ludwig erected a castle after becoming fascinated by "Lohengrin"; Osman Abdulaziz donated gold coins to the festival. Zaki Nusseibeh established a club dedicated to Wagner.

Myths and Legends (05:02)

"The Flying Dutchman" could have come from "1,001 Nights." Wagner's religious philosophy could be seen as Christian and Buddhist; Cosima Wagner frequently discussed Buddha with her husband. In "Parsifal," the Holy Grail represented art.

The Thing with Antisemitism (03:19)

"Wagnerians" found it offensive that Hitler interpreted Wagner's work for his own purpose. The composer wrote that only the decline of the Jewish people will redeem. Cosima and Houston Stewart Chamberlain created a cult with the goal to regenerate the German race through culture.

Credits; The Wagner Religion (00:28)

Credits; The Wagner Religion

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The Wagner Religion

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Other composers have fans, but Richard Wagner has disciples. No musician or dramatist of the past century polarizes like him, and a whole universe of associations opens up when one speaks of "Wagnerians." The program questions what about Wagnerism is truly Wagner. What was the composer's position on Christianity or, as some claim, what turned him toward Buddhism at the end of his life? What do the mysterious words, "salvation to the Redeemer" from his last stage work mean? The program traces Wagner's worldview from Venice, where he died, to Bayreuth, home of the Wagner festival, and to exotic places like the Arabian Penninsula. Christian Thielemann, Andrís Nelsons, Hans Neuenfels, Anja Harteros, and Gwyneth Jones all reflect on Wagner's cult-like legacy.

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