Titles in this Series

And the Effects of their Music

Item #: 192657

The Chant

Item #: 192658

The Revolutionaries

Item #: 192659

And the Women

Item #: 192660

The Wagner Religion

Item #: 192661

Verdi's World

Item #: 192662

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Wagner and Verdi are both considered titans of opera. Their styles are vastly different—Verdi's is positive, light, and life-affiming, while Wagner's style has been described as heavy, full of powerful moods, and tending toward the negative. This series illuminates the two composers from different, and very personal angles, exploring various aspects of their lives and works. Big names of the classical music scene, including conductor Christian Thielemann and singer Rolando Villazón, are interviewed alongside music experts as well as Verdi and Wagner fans and detractors.

Length: 162 minutes

Item#: BVL192656

Copyright date: ©2012

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