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Introduction: Genetic Engineering (03:05)


Richard D. Heffner welcomes writer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel. Wiesel lauds medical advances but advocates measuring genetic manipulation in human terms.

Speaking Truth to Power (03:37)

Wiesel says those in power feel superior. He tries to influence humanity through writing and discusses the role of Jewish prophets in defending the interests of the weak and poor.

Medical Ethics of Genetic Engineering (02:49)

Wiesel argues that researchers are opening a "Pandora's box," as well as trying to prevent illness. He supports scientists but urges them to consider the moral implications of their work.

Considering Individual Cases (03:14)

Heffner presents a scenario in which scientists can change the genetic code of an unborn child to correct an organ malformation. Wiesel would urge the parents to consult a spiritual advisor and voices concern about normalizing ethical dilemmas.

Playing God (03:34)

Wiesel says he is a storyteller and a philosophy student. He would ask geneticists to consider the implications of their actions for the future. He imagines a scenario in which scientists could manipulate personality genes.

Holocaust Context (04:28)

Wiesel would support using genetic engineering to save the life of a child. He believes the findings of Nazi experiments in concentration camps should be not used to benefit humanity; scientists should now make their own discoveries.

Advice for Public Genetic Projects (02:33)

Wiesel advocates setting moral limits before funding genetic engineering experiments. He would organize a colloquium of moral leaders to advise the U.S. president.

Search to Eliminate Pain and Suffering (02:16)

Wiesel believes society oscillates between a quest for absolute morality and the fear of reaching it. He argues that scientists are not denying God by seeking to improve humanity; God is present in every action.

Credits: Episode 5: Genetic Engineering (00:40)

Credits: Episode 5: Genetic Engineering

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Episode 5: Genetic Engineering

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This program contemplates the risks and rewards of ongoing efforts in microbiology, and considers the moral implications of genetic engineering.

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