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Introduction: Play and Learning at School (03:55)


Kindergarten teacher Becky Kroese encourages creativity, collaboration, and independence among students. Children are capable of self-directed play. This film will observe how they learn in motivated ways by following their interests.

Self-Directed Play (03:03)

Children find inspiration from materials in the school environment, teachers, and other students. They discuss thoughts and ideas with friends. Two boys talk about a book on vampires.

Let's Pretend... (04:08)

Children create characters and transport themselves into imaginary situations. Games often require planning and set-up. A group of boys builds a Lego city, using language skills to create a story and empathy for cooperation.

Negotiating Story Development (05:56)

Children require flexibility to adapt to each other's ideas and emotions in pretend play. A group of girls pretend to make soup to heal sick tigers, a game that evolves into decorating stumps.

The Wedding (07:17)

Children in Becky's class organize a mock wedding inspired by a recent royal wedding. One girl dictates a note to Becky declining to attend. Others prepare a cake using school garden plants.

Playground Games (07:15)

Boys often play "goodies and baddies" and attempt to create fair teams. Children devise rules for games. Some bring small toys from home to swap and share; Becky helps resolve conflicts.

Physical Developments (10:30)

Children have freedom of movement, creating their own challenges. The playground encourages gross motor development. Becky intervenes in a conflict; children discern play fighting from real fighting.

How and Why? (13:54)

Children collect materials for a fire and brainstorm how to start it. Other students discuss crystals and observe bees in the school garden. Becky reads a story about the rain; students think about evaporation. Children attempt to fix a toy car.

Calculating and Creative Efforts (13:22)

Children cut and glue shapes to create stories and build a Lego structure. They pretend to sell walkie-talkies and honey, and discuss sales techniques. They create a machine to make different honey flavors.

Playing with Numbers (13:29)

Becky's dice game appeals to children's emerging interest in rules. One boy creates his own board game and teaches it to others. Two girls pretend to be school teachers and write numbers on a white board.

Chatting with Adults (09:11)

Children speak to Becky during learning sessions. They share their ideas while drawing pictures; she helps them to put stories into writing. During a break, one girl asks her about her life.

The Witch's Den (09:15)

One girl asks for Becky's help in gathering materials to build a fort. Becky shares her idea with the class; students volunteer to help with construction. Afterward, they discuss the finished project. Children are excited about the approaching summer holiday.

Credits: Play and Learning at School: 5 Year Olds (00:34)

Credits: Play and Learning at School: 5 Year Olds

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By carefully observing a class of five year old school children, it becomes clear that they are capable of fantastic self-directed play that superbly supports their development. This program illustrates purposeful play in abundance and looks at the individual children and what really motivates them to learn. It teaches adults how to provide the best kind of support and stimulus for the children, including the environment, adult involvement, and peer groups and foster motivation to persist.

Length: 102 minutes

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