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Early Socialization (03:04)


Young children under five encounter conflicts while learning to make friends. Parental interference often hinders social learning. This film will follow conflicts among Lauren, Frances, Paul, and Ned.

Toy Conflict (02:41)

Lauren and Frances fight over a stuffed animal. Frances apologizes for hitting Lauren; Lauren does not forgive her. Frances finally achieves reconciliation by suggesting Lauren play another game.

Aggressive Conflict (03:10)

Paul takes a toy that David discovers, pretends to offer it back, and then hits David. An adult intervenes; Paul lies and then tries to appease David. David leaves but does not end their friendship.

Tea Party Conflict (03:16)

Lauren and Frances disagree whether Lauren intentionally poured juice on Frances. Frances threatens to tell an adult; they get into a physical altercation. Lauren's mother encourages them to be friends again.

Toy Theft Conflict (04:35)

Ned plays alone rather than deal with others. Paul observes his game and asks to join in. Later, others join; Ned withdraws rather than assert himself. Paul takes his cars and Ned gets his mother and Lauren to intervene.

Compromise (02:18)

Frances and Lauren avoid conflict over who will be a pretend play character. Observation without intervention can help children develop independence and social skills.

Credits: Falling Out: 3 and 4 Year Olds (00:27)

Credits: Falling Out: 3 and 4 Year Olds

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Falling Out: 3 and 4 Year Olds

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Clashes are very frequent for children under five and adults often find children’s disputes hard to cope with. But sometimes moving in and breaking up conflicts denies children the essential experience of learning how to deal with these situations themselves. By standing back and watching, this program encourages viewers to reflect on what social skills children need to have to be able to deal with conflicts effectively and helps to generate discussion and thought about whether conflict can actually aid social development. Filmed in a street in Gateshead, England in the mid 1980’s the program not only provides an excellent opportunity to analyze how children with a varying range of social skills behave, it also offers an opportunity to generate discussion about how behavior and attitudes of both children and parents may or may not have changed over recent decades.

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