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Two Year Olds Outdoors: Introduction (01:48)


Two-year-old chidren need wonder, excitement, and unlimited stimulation of the natural environment. This video follows six children as they develop imagination, language, and social abilities.

Tristan: Two Years Four Months (13:19)

Outdoor play helps Tristan build physical strength, proprioception, and cognitive processes; follow interests; and expand thinking. He is interested in object trajectories and learns about cause and effect. In town, he shares discoveries with his mother and experiments with language and imagination.

Skye: Two Years Six Months (13:06)

Skye forages, collects, combines, and transports objects and materials. She comments on her activities to consciously direct thought processes. The outdoors encourages her imagination, symbolism, and interactions. She imitates older children, boosting self-confidence, and makes friends. Learning to share remains challenging.

Sheja: Two Years Nine Months (07:26)

Sheja speaks Persian at home. He is learning the English words for insects and links musical sounds and language. His love of soccer helps him make friends and communicate through body language.

Laila: Two Years Ten Months (07:51)

Laila was born prematurely and is just learning to walk. Her close relationship with Carol supports outdoor exploration. Garden props provide stimulation and help her improve coordination.

Erin: Two Years Eleven Months (10:20)

Erin explores ways of collecting and transforming water on a rainy day. Mental transformations encourage symbolic thinking; inquisitiveness encourages language development. Pretend and fantasy play stimulate her imagination.

Jordan: Three Years (08:37)

Jordan is interested in rotation as a schematic theme; he rolls himself in a flexible tube and rolls tires. He helps other children with outdoor challenges, making friends and learning together. He sets up a pretend car wash.

Credits: Two Year Olds Outdoors: Play, Learning, and Development (00:54)

Credits: Two Year Olds Outdoors: Play, Learning, and Development

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Two Year Olds Outdoors: Play, Learning, and Development

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Through observing what children are interested in at this stage of their lives, this program gives real insight into why spending time outdoors is essential for their holistic development. It follows six children of gradually increasing ages, showing that movement is still an intrinsic part of learning for this age group. As the children follow their interests, viewers can see and hear them making new connections as they experiment and come up with new ideas. Made in conjunction with Jan White, an early years outdoors specialist, the program shows how the children’s language, imagination, and social skills develop at a rapid pace during this year.

Length: 64 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64623-542-1

Copyright date: ©2010

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