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Indecently Exposed: Introduction (02:17)


Jane Elliott will conduct the blue/eye brown eye exercise in Regina, Saskatchewan. Residents reflect on racism.

Exercise Parameters (07:35)

Elliott addresses participants as they sign in and divides them into two groups. She describes the purpose of the blue eye/brown eye exercise and instructs the brown-eyed group on behavior while the blue-eyed group waits in a holding room.

Blue Eye/Brown Eye Exercise (05:10)

Elliott leads the exercise, giving orders; participants share expectations. A man refuses to comply with directions and is forced to leave; another says there is nothing Elliott can teach him. Elliott discusses the price of racist behavior.

Blue Eye/Brown Eye Exercise: Reading Signs (07:16)

Elliott leads the exercise, giving orders and criticism. Participants share their thoughts and experiences.

Blue Eye/Brown Eye Exercise: Ignoring Differences (04:31)

Elliott leads the exercise, discussing the idea that people do not see skin color. A First Nations participant recalls injustices he experienced and feelings of shame.

Blue Eye/Brown Eye Exercise: Child Ego State (03:02)

Elliott gives orders and criticism that forces the blue-eyed group to live down to expectations. A participant reflects on hearing racial slurs at work.

Blue Eye/Brown Eye Exercise: Stress (04:33)

Blue-eyed participants discuss whether they have feelings of stress and intimidation. First Nations participants find it difficult to treat others the way they have been treated.

Blue Eye/Brown Eye Exercise: Unfair Treatment (07:13)

Participants discuss making assumptions; a blue-eyed man states that race is not important to him. A lack of response to injustices perpetuates evil.

Blue Eye/Brown Eye Exercise: Denial (04:07)

Words can be destructive. Participants reflect on trusting authority, the reality of racism, and changing perspectives.

Blue Eye/Brown Eye Exercise: Testing (03:48)

Elliott gives participants a test based on the experiences of First Nations people and reflects on the ability of children to succeed. She criticizes the results of blue-eyed participants.

Exercise Reactions (08:54)

Participants record how the other group looked and how they felt. The exercise is about responsibility, not guilt. After the workshop, participants reflect on the experience.

Credits: Indecently Exposed (00:48)

Credits: Indecently Exposed

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Indecently Exposed

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“Even nice Canadians are racist…” That's Jane Elliott’s starting point as she welcomes and bullies 22 Canadians who volunteered to participate in her renowned workshop. With camera rolling, Elliott divides the unsuspecting participants by eye color – blue eye in one group, brown eyes (many of them Native Canadian) in the other. Elliott turns the tables on the participants, treating the blue eyes as “persons of color,” confronting and browbeating them, while the brown eyes are treated with respect. It illustrates and exposes how systemic racism develops.

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