Titles in this Series

John Sturges

Item #: 192396

Sidney Lumet

Item #: 192397

Don Siegel

Item #: 192398

Stanley Donen

Item #: 192399

George Stevens

Item #: 192400

John Frankenheimer

Item #: 192401

Robert Wise

Item #: 192402

Alan J. Pakula

Item #: 192403

Carol Reed

Item #: 192404

Sergio Leone

Item #: 192405

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The Directors (Series 3)

The Series Includes : John Sturges | Sidney Lumet | Don Siegel | Stanley Donen | George Stevens | John Frankenheimer | Robert Wise | Alan J. Pakula | Carol Reed | Sergio Leone
DVD (Chaptered) Price: $1,699.50
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Series 3 of "The Directors" looks at the 20th century’s iconic film directors - the real innovators whose breakthrough direction made film into the movies. Their early lives, often escaping war or poverty found expression in theatre, then film, forming the fundamental art that is cinema. Each episode brought to life by Derek Malcolm, Neil Norman, Stephen Armstrong, Dr. Bonnie Greer OBE and Ian Nathan along with classic moments from each film career.

Length: 450 minutes

Item#: BVL192395

ISBN: 978-1-64623-533-9

Copyright date: ©2019

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