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Japanese Primary School Reproduction Lesson (04:39)


A teacher asks first grade students to guess the gender of two paper figures. She removes their underwear; students giggle. She places diagrams of internal sex organs on the figures and explains their basic function for producing babies.

Lesson about Protecting Bodies (14:03)

The teacher reminds students that they should never show their private parts to anyone. They brainstorm about wearing underwear, hand washing, using the bathroom in private, wiping from front to back, avoiding fighting, bathing properly, and wearing clean clothes.

Reproductive Lesson Reflection Assignment (09:16)

The teacher instructs students to fill out worksheets based on what they have learned about reproduction. There is a section for adding personal thoughts or questions. She asks them to have their parents write a response. They conclude by bowing.

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Gender and Hygiene in a Japanese Primary School Classroom

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This program by anthropologist Barrie Machin presents a fascinating look at the openness of Japanese primary school teaching about reproduction, providing insights into Japanese culture.

Length: 29 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64867-353-5

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