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Introduction: Cinnamon Peelers (02:49)


Most of the cinnamon peeler caste's diet consists of one meal a day of boiled jackfruit or rice. The Karava fisherman caste and the Salagama elite own the land. Govigama supplements his income by performing exorcisms.

"The Headman" (03:20)

During a good season, male cinnamon peelers can earn up to 25 rupees per day but the whole family helps. The spice is dried for eight days and bundled. Women do not cut the bark because of red ants.

Sri Lanka Slavery (03:05)

Conditions have not changed since the Dutch left. While landowners are rich, cinnamon peelers live in poverty. The headman of Karuwala Bada Village wants land so the people can become cultivators.

Southern Low Country (03:45)

The headman believes cinnamon peelers should be able to grow their own crops and purchase land. The workers are kept in poverty to reinforce a cheap labor market. Villagers have occupied the property for 27 years without a deed.

Cinnamon Extraction Demonstration (09:59)

Villagers peel and bundle cinnamon to dry. It is impossible for a family to survive on 25 rupees a day. Landowners insist that they pass on profits to their workers.

Village Life (04:21)

A little girl plays on a swing in Sri Lanka. A man who hurt his foot lives in debt because he has not been able to work for eight months. Girls earn income by weaving saris to sell to shops.

Water Preservation (05:50)

Villagers living in a ten-mile radius collect water from a communal well and bathe. Tilak Samarakone encourages the villagers to use the water for drinking. The landowner allows the people to use the water.

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This program by anthropologist Barrie Machin looks at the lives of cinnamon peelers in Sri Lanka.

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