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"A Warning for Fair Women": Induction (06:04)


Tragedy orders Comedy and History off the stage. She argues with Comedy who assures History that they cannot be banished. Tragedy cracks her whip at Comedy who departs, promising to return the next day.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Secret Love (11:44)

George Browne takes leave of George Sanders, his wife Anne, and Anne's friend Anne Drurie. Trusty Roger fetches Drurie at Browne's request; Browne is in love with Sander's wife and wants Drurie's help. Drurie and Trusty Roger sing about wooing Anne.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Gentlewoman (05:08)

Anne briefly speaks with her daughter before sitting on her doorstep and sewing. Browne arrives and engages her in conversation. He leaves and Anne jokes about entertaining men; Sanders returns home.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Agreement (05:46)

Trusty Roger gives Drurie advice about recompense. Browne arrives and informs them that he has spoken to Anne and believes she is affable. Drurie agrees to help further Browne's pursuit.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Fortune Telling (09:41)

Sanders talks with Trusty Roger about finances. Anne shops with Durie and learns her husband forbade her money. Drurie uses the opportunity to promote Browne's suit.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Bloody Feast (04:38)

Tragedy sets the scene and Furies prepare the banquet table; they dance to usher in lust. Anne drinks the poisoned draft and murderous intent enters her heart.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Attempted Ambush (03:10)

A gentleman walks with Sanders and urges him to take a torch as he travels home; Browne watches, plotting murder. Sanders receives a torch, thwarting Browne's plan.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Intuition (05:17)

Master Barnes sends a reluctant John Bean to ask Sanders to meet him in Woolwich. Bean encounters Old John and Joan, and they discuss recent dreams.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Second Attempt (07:57)

Browne laments his thwarted attempt at murder; Drurie encourages him to keep trying. Trusty Roger arrives and reveals Sanders' activities; they choose an ambush spot. Bean and Anne enter. Sanders soon arrives and Bean presents Barnes' request.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Murderous Fancy (05:55)

Tragedy reflects on Browne's plots; Furies dance to usher in lust. In a dreamlike state, Browne kills Sanders and embraces Anne. Trusty Roger arrives with a message from Anne and Browne makes plans.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Murder (07:26)

Bean walks with Sanders and urges him to turn back; Browne attacks and stabs both men. Browne hands Trusty Roger a bloody handkerchief and they flee. Old John and Joan arrive; they cover Sanders' body and take Bean home.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Evidence (06:43)

Browne shares a drink with Barnes who notices blood on his leg; Browne provides an excuse and leaves. Trusty Roger shows Anne the bloody handkerchief and Anne despairs over Sanders' murder. Browne arrives, seeking Anne's love.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Murderer Identified (04:03)

Barnes learns about Bean and Sanders, and identifies the attacker; he vows revenge. Drurie sends Trusty Roger for money who gives it to Browne.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Browne's Trial (12:22)

Tragedy sets the scene. Barnes, Old John, and Bean testify before Lord Justice; Bean dies. Browne laments the murder, declares Anne's innocence, and cites Drurie and Trusty Roger as accomplices. Lord Justice sentences Browne to death.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Anne's Trial (05:01)

Lord Justice reads the indictment against Anne who pleads not guilty. Trusty Roger and Drurie testify against Anne. Lord Justices sentences Anne to death.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Executions (12:55)

Browne refuses to name Anne as an accomplice; he warns careless men before he dies. Anne asks Drurie to clear her name, but she refuses. Anne says goodbye to her daughter before she dies.

"A Warning for Fair Women": Dramatic Tragedy (03:05)

Tragedy reviews elements of the play. Actors dance on stage while History plays the violin; they receive accolades from the audience.

Credits: A Warning for Fair Women (01:17)

Credits: A Warning for Fair Women

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Resurgens Theatre Company presents this long-neglected domestic tragedy based on the brutal murder of a prominent London merchant, George Sanders, in 1573. First performed by Shakespeare’s company in the late sixteenth century, A Warning for Fair Women mixes allegory, masque, bloodlust, and courtroom drama in a show unlike other Renaissance dramas staged today, as there’s no record of any public performance since 1599. Directed by Dr. Brent Griffin, this “original practices” production is the first professional mounting of the play in modern history.

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