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French-Language Radio (03:04)


Community radio has a strong following among Canadian Francophones. New Brunswick station CJSE is especially successful. Cabbie Jean-Marc Dugas enjoys listening to the station while he drives around Moncton.

CJSE Regular Caller (03:24)

Norm says he started listening to the station 16 years ago, when it first began. He has a visual impairment that only allows him to discern between light and shadow. He calls one of the disc jockeys who is his cousin.

CJSE Shows (04:18)

Popular programs include “Let’s Talk,” “Talk a Lot,” and “The Little Cowboy.” MP Dominic LeBlanc tries to avoid “Let’s Talk.” Shirley Gaudet calls the station and wins an album. Hear a portion of the "Homeward Bound Show."

"Nashville North" (05:59)

Popular Acadian performers include Cayouche, Hert Leblanc, and Daniel Léger. Dugas picks up Leblanc, who recalls singing in English. Gaudet reflects on country music and calls CJSE to request a song.

Credits: My Radio (02:03)

Credits: My Radio

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Acadians have been enamoured of their community radio station, CJSE, for 16 years now. The station is well rooted in the community and has become a unique observer of its day-to-day reality, evolution, culture and struggles, providing listeners with an image that corresponds to their ever-changing identity. This documentary was made as part of the 2012 Tremplin competition and produced with the collaboration of Radio-Canada.

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