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"Rust" (04:28)


Michael Crummey’s story describes the crippling damage done to the hands of Newfoundland fishermen over time; hear a recitation.

Unconscious Theme (01:55)

Loss is at the center of Crummey's work. Crummey discusses aspects of Newfoundland’s heritage that he learned about through stories his father told.

Spiritual Crisis (07:58)

People can feel lost when there are infinite choices. Crummey opines about the hollowness of modern existence and reflects on the effects of literary success. A story from "Hard Light" talks about getting a job at a mine to pay off debt.

Transitional House (02:36)

Crummey visits the site of his father’s childhood home where only a foundation remains. He explains that no one in his family wanted the house because it needed too much work.

Newfoundland Perspectives (06:04)

Crummey’s father talks about the death of his grandfather. Crummey reflects on changing perceptions of happiness. He describes going through “a midlife crisis in reverse.”

Concept of Knowledge (03:47)

Crummey says his ancestors accepted the harshness of their lives because they did not know anything different. He questions the notion that knowledge is an absolute good; he thinks modern society is “drowning in information.”

"Procession" (05:17)

One of Crummey’s stories recalls the day Mary Penny died of fright. The author discusses the isolation that Newfoundlanders experienced in the past versus the disconnection people feel in urban settings today.

Family and Love (07:14)

A story from “Hard Light” recalls a young boy’s education about childbirth. Crummey discusses the idea of “settling” and falling in love with his wife, Holly.

“Something New” (07:26)

The story from "Hard Light" depicts Crummey's mother supporting his father during his final days. Crummey discusses people's false sense of control. Another story is about Crummey flying a kite with his brother, Hollis.

"Hard Light" (05:28)

A story from the book depicts a neighbor taking a family portrait with his Brownie camera. Director Justin Simms explains how the book helped him through a difficult time. Crummey discusses the ability of artists to create narratives for their lives.

Credits: Hard Light (02:30)

Credits: Hard Light

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Hard Light

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This feature film uses Michael Crummey’s seminal piece of Newfoundland literature to examine cultural change and modern relationships. As in Crummey’s collection of poems and stories, there is a decisive theme of the artist investigating his ancestors to discover himself. Filmmaker Justin Simms offers viewers a timely reflection on compassion, storytelling, and identity.

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