Segments in this Video

Adolescent Activities (05:19)


A car struggles to navigate a washed-out road. A metal band holds practice. Kids arrive at a rural secondary school. Félix must sign a pledge after a pattern of disruptive behavior.

Physical Education (04:44)

A girl sobs in gym class. Girls practice flips while boys ride exercise bikes. Claude counsels Justin about conflict resolution and a physical altercation with his brother, Alexandre.

Student Behaviors (07:22)

A student walks through the snow while others ride snowmobiles. Students quietly work on an assignment. A male student is disciplined for teasing and hitting a girl named Olivia.

After School (04:59)

Students leave school after the final bell. An aquatic-themed art project is on display. Josée checks on a student who was recently kicked out of class.

Information Processing (05:00)

Students play games and socialize in the cafeteria. Basketball players practice ball-handling drills. Justin meets with counselors to devise strategies for dealing with his learning disability.

Disruptive Student (04:27)

A group of boys enjoys a game of soccer. Someone removes a combination lock with a bolt cutter. Dave is disciplined for smoking and rowdy behavior.

Indoor and Outdoor Activities (12:10)

Students play volleyball and other games in the gymnasium. Two boys hang onto beams in the hallway. Buses take students home. Teens dive from a bridge, ride all-terrain vehicles, play paintball, and ride mountain bikes.

Behavior and Bullying (09:03)

A teen runs a concession stand; another scales a climbing wall. A male student recounts events that led to the arrest of two of his peers. A female student receives counseling on establishing boundaries.

Recreation and Responsibilities (07:12)

A group of teens performs skateboard stunts. Counselors ask Samuel about drug use and present him with an opportunity. Students participate in cross country practice and receive immunizations.

Progress Report (06:02)

Counselors discuss grades with a student. Students gather in a field to launch rockets; others perform book work.

Conflict Resolution (06:30)

Justin and William receive a lecture after an altercation. One teen smokes his tires at the bridge; another paces until his bus arrives.

Credits: Guidelines (02:51)

Credits: Guidelines

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Guidelines (La marche à suivre) explores the world of adolescence through a series of tableaux that illustrate the occasionally trying existence of young people at a rural secondary school. During closed-door meetings, the teens interact with various authority figures whose job it is to “set them straight.” Outside classroom hours, though, they regain control of their world, the natural surroundings becoming a playground where they can test the limits of their temporary freedom. A work of patient observation relying mostly on uninterrupted long takes, Guidelines emphasizes the contrasts between the regulated environment of the classroom and the beckoning freedom of the great outdoors, gradually revealing the interior drama of adolescence, with its shifts from fragility to reckless abandon. The result is an original yet universal portrayal of a sometimes overwhelming life journey that we all take.

Length: 76 minutes

Item#: BVL190476

Copyright date: ©2014

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