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Introduction: The Canadian Federation (02:06)


Ottawa has two official languages, ten provinces, and two northern territories. French influence is prominent during until the British conquer territories in 1759. Victory during the War of 1812 ensured independence from American imperialism.

Government Formation (03:20)

Britain and the U.S. influence Canadian political party functions. Canada became a nation through diplomacy, designing a Constitution and allotting power to provinces while retaining federal authority over major jurisdictions.

Government Branches (05:33)

Ottawa is the center of Canada's federal system. Within Parliament, the governor general represents the constitutional monarchy's crown; the House of Commons is the most active. Nine judges serve on the Supreme Court of Canada.

Country and District (03:03)

Constitutional Specialist Eugene Forsey discusses the overlapping nature of local and national concerns. Federal incentives are designed to boost economies, with goals of equal development in all regions. Jurisdiction becomes subject to financing, with provinces increasingly challenging national government for more power.

Minority Language Rights Divisions (06:52)

A third of Canada's population resides in Ontario; Toronto is the capitol and financial hub. Quebec has "One Economy, Two Nations" aspirations. Each province has elected governments; smaller French speaking communities feel forced to assimilate.

Government Challenges (04:34)

Geography and economics contribute to regional tensions; many citizens believe Central Canada has abandoned them. Western provinces call for constitutional reform. Arctic territory peoples express a determination to influence politics and control resources.

Period of Constitutional Reform (03:25)

Citizens form the Federal Provincial Consultations group to manage complex cultural, economic, and political problems; the prime minister meets with province premiers. Divergent interests require compromise and adaptation to cohesively represent Canada on the world stage.

Credits: The Canadian Federation (04:37)

Credits: The Canadian Federation

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The Canadian Federation

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