Segments in this Video

Starting a New Life (02:41)


Marie Ka, a native of Senegal, has relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia with her young son. She has become friends with Virginie and Cécilia, who are also French-speaking immigrants and single mothers. Cécilia recalls how happy she was when she got her Canadian residency.

Lingering Doubts (02:33)

Virginie, who is Belgian, says she was initially unsure if she would stay in Vancouver and what she would do for work. Cécilia wonders if she will ever by 100 percent Canadian; she grew up in Mexico but is also French.

Seeing a Doctor (02:38)

Marie wonders if she made the right decision uprooting her son, Madani, who misses his best friend. Virginie explains that she was a month pregnant when she moved to Vancouver, and she was initially confused by the Canadian healthcare system.

Job Market (03:12)

Marie meets Cécilia for coffee and advice on finding work. Virginie aspires to be an actress, which factored into her choice to move to Vancouver. She meets with an acting coach to discuss taking lessons.

Taking Classes (04:23)

Cécilia believes her daughter will have a good life in Vancouver, which is safe and surrounded by natural beauty. Marie has decided to go back to school. A conversation with Virginie makes her reflect on what it means to raise her son where they have no family.

New Gig (03:45)

Cécilia interviews for a job with Réseau-Femmes, a network that brings together French-speaking women. Her schedule is exhausting, but she manages. Virginie visits Strathcona Midwifery Collective and raises concerns about her baby.

Conviction and Graduation (03:17)

Madani complains about his mother’s busy class schedule, but mother and son find time to enjoy an outing at the park. Cécilia loves her life in Canada but believes some things are better in France. Marie gets her diploma.

Credits: Standing Tall (01:11)

Credits: Standing Tall

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Three French-speaking women from Senegal, Mexico and Belgium take a look at their experience immigrating to Vancouver, where they raise their children alone. With strength and resilience, these women take up the challenge of rebuilding their lives to provide a “new world of possibility” for their children, while seeking to make their place in Canadian society.

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