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Women's Rights (01:35)


Pakistan aspires to be a modern democracy, but remains a conservative society. Human rights lawyer Asma Jahangir discusses honor killings that have feudal origins.

Qandeel Baloch (03:56)

In 2015, the model and singer becomes a social media star. Journalist Amber Shamsi discusses her rise to fame, beginning with auditioning for Pakistan Idol. Qandeel hires agent Mac Khan and uses the Internet for self-promotion.

Raising Controversy (03:08)

Qandeel crosses the boundary of acceptable behavior for women in Pakistan. Feminists laud her audacity and she is sensationalized in the media. She defends herself against online abuse, dividing the nation after a striptease video.

Model vs. Mullah (01:44)

A media channel invites Qandeel on a talk show with Mufti Abdul Qavi; he disapproves of her behavior but insists on meeting her.

Traditional Upbringing (02:04)

Qandeel grew up in Shah Sadar Din, a poor and conservative area. Her parents Anwar Bibi and Azeem Khan recall her love of singing. They marry her young and urge Qandeel to stay with her abusive husband to protect the family's honor.

Challenging Pakistan's Cultural Customs (02:34)

Qandeel's strong personality enables her to escape her abusive husband. She sees social media as a way to support her impoverished family. In an interview, she discusses changing stereotypes of Baloch people.

Exposing an Unscrupulous Mullah (04:42)

Qandeel films a hotel meeting with Mufti Qavi. The video is broadcast on Pakistani television, damaging Qavi's reputation. The media publishes Qandeel’s real name, shaming her family. Her brother Waseem receives insults from villagers and Qandeel receives death threats.

Honor Killing (03:34)

Qandeel seeks refuge from death threats at home. Waseem drugs the family's evening drinks and strangles Qandeel in her sleep. He confessesto the murder on live television; investigator Attiya Jaffri believes him.

Rape Survivor (03:25)

Qandeel's area is notorious for honor killings. Mukhtar Mai is gang raped to settle a village dispute in 2002. She becomes a women's rights activist and encourages girls to pursue education; she opens a women's refuge.

Humiliating a Religious Scholar (04:19)

After Qandeel’s videos are broadcast, Mufti Qavi is removed from a religious council. He considers her behavior blasphemous and does not take responsibility for Waseem's actions; police say one of Waseem's accomplices is related to Qavi.

Waseem's Trial (04:28)

Qandeel's funeral is broadcast live on national television. Parents of honor killing victims often forgive the killer for compensation, but her father wants justice—even though it would mean his son's execution. Police submit evidence to a judge.

Support for Human Rights (03:12)

After Qandeel's death, Pakistan takes steps to repeal the law allowing honor killing perpetrators to be pardoned. Mai holds a press conference highlighting injustice for rape victims. Jahangir advocates changing social attitudes toward women as equal citizens.

Qandeel's Legacy (04:01)

The outcome of Qandeel's murder trial is still unknown; her parents express grief. Qandeel had been invited to host a Karachi awards show before her death. She represents hope for gender equality and freedom from oppression through honor killings.

Credits: In the Name of Honor: Pakistan's Honor Killings (00:42)

Credits: In the Name of Honor: Pakistan's Honor Killings

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In Pakistan, over 1000 women are killed every year in the name of honor–one particular case made the world take notice. Social media star, Qandeel Baloch's bold and sexy videos challenged convention and shocked a nation. But in conservative Pakistan, a woman's actions can have fatal consequences. Known as Pakistan's Kim Kardashian, Qandeel had published images with a well-known religious scholar in a hotel room, causing national outrage. But do actions like these have wider implications for women and radical Islamic militants?

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