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Police Shooting (03:48)


Videographer Daniel Voshart analyzes footage of the April 4, 2015 shooting of Walter Scott. He reveals some of his art and explains his obsession with granular details in images.

Viral Outrage (04:51)

Video appears to show police officer Michael Slager planting a stun gun near Scott’s body. Voshart explains how he stabilized the footage before posting it to Reddit. He revisits a moral dilemma he experienced as the clip incited outrage.

Sharing Information (02:27)

Voshart discusses who he contacted before getting a response from Slager’s lawyer, Andy Savage. He explains why he was reluctant to sign a retainer with the attorney. Voshart fears that his evidence may make the situation worse by fueling a white supremacist agenda.

Was the Shooting Self-Defense? (06:21)

Voshart meets with Savage and his wife in Charleston. Savage believes his client was justified in shooting Scott after losing control of his stun gun. They review the footage to analyze a scuffle.

Video Evidence (03:54)

Voshart talks to Slager via video chat, explaining that the video corroborates elements of the officer’s testimony. Savage reveals that his client has been held in solitary confinement. Voshart is uneasy with the notion of being branded a traitor.

Complicated Situation (03:41)

Voshart meets Black Lives Matter Activist Muhiyidin D’Baha and explains that Scott threw Slager's stun gun. D’Baha agrees that it is "a bizarre narrative," but he emphasizes that Slager fired eight times at a fleeing suspect.

Crime Scene (04:17)

Voshart visits the site in North Charleston where Slager shot Scott. He speculates on how the incident might have unfolded in Europe. Voshart and D’Baha chat about perception and racial bias in the American justice system.

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Credits: Frame 394

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This Oscar-contender follows a Toronto man who becomes entangled in one of America’s most high-profile police-involved shootings.

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