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Unorthodox Performer (02:02)


Host Sean O'Neill interviews renowned choreographer Dana Michel, who has captivated the world of contemporary dance with her experimental style. She is best known for “Yellow Towel” and other works in which she fearlessly explores themes of race.

Background and Creative Process (05:05)

O'Neill meets Michel in Montreal where they discuss the choreographer’s background and creative process. Michel first confronts her relationship to blackness in “Yellow Towel.” She recalls learning she would win the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale awards.

Debuting Experimental Work (03:16)

Michel travels to Venice is to be honored and perform "Yellow Towel." She also takes a risk by debuting her new, experimental work, "Stahvin Mahvin." Venice Biennale Director of Dance Marie Chouinard sings the maverick dancer’s praises.

Major Award (05:06)

Michel discusses her identity as a Canadian, the magnitude of the award she is winning, and her status as an outsider artist. Her ability to stay in the moment keeps her grounded. She recites a poem that was the catalyst for “Yellow Towel.”

Venice Biennale Performance (05:59)

Michel performs "Yellow Towel" before receiving her Silver Lion award. Musician Alana Stuart discusses Michel's unorthodox style, which she says validates her own experience. Michel says her work is a way of connecting with other black people and understanding why she is here.

Credits: In the Making: Part 4 (00:34)

Credits: In the Making: Part 4

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The Ottawa-born choreographer Dana Michel found dance in her late-20s, and at 35 debuted Yellow Towel, a visceral solo show exploring her relationship to race and blackness. Her work is raw, daring, improvisational, and bizarrely funny. The New York Times called Yellow Towel one of the year’s best, and within months she was performing the work on major stages all over the world. Host Sean O’Neill meets with Dana at home in Montreal to hear about her unlikely journey, before travelling with her to Venice, Italy, where Dana will step onto her biggest stage yet. Dana will perform Yellow Towel at the Venice Biennale and receive one of the dance world’s highest honors: the Biennale’s Silver Lion.

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