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Adrian Stimson (02:23)


Sean O’Neill interviews Stimson, the Blackfoot artist whose art documents the indigenous experience in Canada. He is also known for his persona Buffalo Boy. One residential school’s history has inspired a collaboration with artist AA Bronson.

Artist Background (02:53)

Stimson discusses his Blackfoot heritage and paintings that were inspired by research into his family history with residential schools. He discusses sexual abuse and using art as a method of healing.

Cultural Symbolism (03:05)

Stimson explains the significance of Buffalo Boy and bison imagery in his work. He mulls the implications of accepting the Governor General's Award as a vocal critic of colonialism. O’Neill meets his husband, Happy Grove.

"An Apology to Siksika Nation" (03:01)

Stimson and O'Neill meet Bronson at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. Bronson’s great grandfather was a missionary who built the first residential school on Siksika land. Stimson and Bronson collaborate on a project that confronts abuses at those schools.

Old Sun Residential School (06:16)

Stimson, Bronson, and O'Neill visit the school where indigenous children were subjected to neglect and abuse. Stimson invites his guests to dinner with community leaders and friends. Myrna Youngman, a residential school survivor, is overcome with emotion.

Award Ceremony (03:56)

Wanda Nanibush discusses Stimson's importance as an artist and themes in his work; he and other Governor General’s Award recipients receive recognition. Stimson speaks about his Blackfoot heritage and the motivations for his work.

Credits: In the Making: Part 3 (00:33)

Credits: In the Making: Part 3

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Acclaimed Blackfoot artist Adrian Stimson creates performance, photography, sculpture, and paintings that address the Indigenous experience in the Canadian west. Host Sean O’Neill meets Adrian at home on Siksika Nation in Alberta, where the artist is collaborating with Canadian art legend AA Bronson on a project that unearths a surprising and unsettling family connection between their ancestors, who were, respectively, a Blackfoot chief and an Anglican missionary. Sean follows Adrian to Rideau Hall in Ottawa, where he accepts a Governor General’s award, despite misgivings about the Canadian government’s ongoing treatment of Indigenous peoples.

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