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Dance Legend (02:03)


Canadian TV personality Sean O'Neill travels to Vancouver to interview choreographer Crystal Pite. O'Neill describes her work, "Emergence," which draws inspiration from the insect world. Her critically acclaimed show, "Betroffenheit," is coming to an end.

Career Reflections (03:10)

Pite discusses early memories of dancing, the reasons she stopped performing in her own works, and her philosophy on aging. Being a mother has profoundly affected her work; she likens it to becoming a child again.

Pivotal Work (04:12)

Pite demonstrates how she builds a choreographic phrase and explains how she pushes her creative boundaries. Collaborator Jonathan Young discusses the themes of loss, trauma, and addiction represented in "Betroffenheit." Pite explains why that is a perfect title.

Preparing for Last "Betroffenheit" Shows (03:07)

Pite and her troupe arrive in Los Angeles. The dancers describe how they connect with the work and each other. Rehearsals have grown more focused. The choreographer feels very prepared but also a little anxious about opening night.

Opening Night (07:04)

"Betroffenheit" opens in Los Angeles. Pite says she used to let doubt paralyze her, but now she embraces it as a vital part of the creative process. She highlights a line from the play that has significant meaning and deconstructs dancer Jermaine Maurice Spivey's closing performance.

Curtain Call (01:57)

The dancers take a final bow and relief sinks in backstage. The show has been quite well received. Pate feels grateful and inspired. The choreographer has begun contemplating what she and her troupe will make next.

Credits: In the Making: Part 2 (00:34)

Credits: In the Making: Part 2

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Vancouver choreographer Crystal Pite has become renowned across the globe for innovative creations that blend the rigor of dance with the magic of theater. In 2015, she premiered Betroffenheit, an exploration of the grief experienced by her collaborator, Jonathon Young, after he lost his daughter and family members in a tragic accident. The show was met with awards, rousing accolades, and sold out houses all over the world. Host Sean O’Neill meets with Crystal in Vancouver as she rehearses, and follows her to Los Angeles as she launches Betroffenheit’s final tour and says goodbye to a work that changed her life.

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