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Canadian Musician (02:34)


Lido Pimienta experienced a critical breakthrough in 2017. She won the Polaris Music Prize for “La Papessa” and was named artist of the year. She also became the target of online hate and returned to her native Columbia to heal.

Controversial Figure (04:49)

Canadian TV personality Sean O’Neill meets Pimienta at her rehearsal space. Pimienta explains why she does not play world music. The duo discusses tokenism, white supremacy, and the backlash she experienced following an appearance at Halifax Pop Explosion.

La Guajira, Columbia (03:02)

Pimienta returns to her hometown and the home of the Wayuu people. She is anxious to reconnect with her family and begin work on her new album, “Miss Columbia.” She introduces O’Neill to relatives.

Honoring the Dead (02:36)

Pimienta visits her father's grave and recalls his death from cancer; his massive funeral procession is one of her earliest memories. The grave of Pimienta's 25-year-old brother is nearby.

New Music (02:41)

Pimienta and O'Neill rise early for a swim. Being home makes Pimienta feel more grounded. The singer's focus shifts to her new album, which she considers to be a cynical love letter to her country.

Hometown Recording Sessions (03:22)

Pimienta and O'Neill travel to Villa Nueva, a small town where the singer attended high school. She plans to record “Miss Columbia” and has high expectations. Pimienta collaborates with her cousin, who plays accordion on one song.

Musical Vision (02:23)

Pimienta discusses returning to Columbia to reconnect with her identity. She feels grateful for her family, and she is getting used to loss. O'Neill enjoys seeing Pimienta's new songs take shape in real time.

Credits: In the Making: Part 1 (00:34)

Credits: In the Making: Part 1

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The Colombian-born, Toronto-based musician and artist, Lido Pimienta, sent shockwaves through the Canadian music industry when her self-produced, self-released album, La Papessa, won the Polaris Prize, Canada’s biggest music award. A month later, she became the target of the alt-right and conservative media after inviting women of color to the front of her concerts. Now, Lido’s seeking a moment of peace as she plans her future with a new baby on the way. Host Sean O’Neill travels with Lido home to Colombia, where she searches for healing, reconnects with her family, and begins work on her new album, Miss Colombia.

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