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Retraining the Brain (08:46)


Mifsud suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, which gives him severe tunnel vision. His research leads him to David Webber, a blind man who trained himself to see again. Webber explains how he regained his vision and leads Mifsud in a series of exercises.

Visiting Arrowsmith School (07:45)

“The Woman Who Changed Her Brain” author Barbara Arrowsmith-Young recalls her experiences with learning disabilities and explains neuroplasticity. She oversees programs aimed at improving 19 cognitive functions. Mifsud’s old teacher, Andrea, leads him in an exercise on abstract relationships.

Importance of Habits (07:32)

Mifsud travels to the University of British Columbia to meet Dr. Lara Boyd, one of the world’s leading experts on neuroplasticity. Boyd explains how sensory input and behavior can change structures in the brain.

Medicine of the Future? (05:43)

Mifsud wonders how stress has impacted his health. He travels to Peterborough, Ontario to meet Dr. Magda Havas, who researches electrotherapy. Havas analyzes blood samples and treats Mifsud with electromagnetic field therapy.

Therapy Sessions (09:14)

Mifsud returns to Toronto’s Junction neighborhood, aka Little Malta, where he grew up. He describes growing up in a Mediterranean family. His therapist, Carmen Littlejohn, helps him confront traumatic memories. Dr. Jesse Hanson treats him with sound therapy and acupuncture.

Stress and Health (07:13)

Mifsud flies to Vancouver the visit his mentor, Gabor Maté, an author and retired physician. Maté discusses the correlation between emotional states and physical illness. Trauma imbues sufferers with a certain point of view that is limiting, he says. Mifsud reflects on his journey.

Credits: My Neuroplastic Adventure (00:03)

Credits: My Neuroplastic Adventure

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Meet Victor Mifsud, a DJ, artist, traveler and dreamer. Dubbed the Blind Biohacker, Victor is on mission to supercharge his eyes, mind, body, and soul using ancient wisdom and modern science. This program follows Victor as he visits some revolutionary scientists, like Dr. Gabor Maté, a renowned author and speaker who purports that resolving deep-rooted emotional issues can contribute to physical healing; and Dr. Lara Boyd, whose cutting-edge neuroimaging may offer some insight into the brain's plasticity and whether or not long-term impairments can actually be reversed. He also explores more holistic offerings including sound therapy and electromagnetic field therapy.  

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