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Diagnosis (06:16)


This film documents a Canadian family’s struggles with autism. Robert and Shannon Fraser decided to make a movie starring their infant twins, Fraser and Hallee. Fraser was diagnosed with autism after his parents noticed odd aspects of his demeanor.

First Signs of Trouble (04:56)

Fraser’s autism made him an ideal subject for Robert since he was oblivious to being filmed. A landlady threatened to call child protective services after finding the twins wandering outside unsupervised while Robert was napping. Shannon got a job in Vancouver and planned to leave him.

Absent Dad (05:33)

In Vancouver, Fraser got more support in school, and Hallee made friends easily. Robert bought a house in Hope with inheritance from his mother’s death. Shannon lost her job and sent the kids to live there. Their father left them alone for long periods of time.

Fraser's Future (05:14)

Shannon started dating Tim, which made Hallee happy; she never felt protected by her father. She attended film school but did not want to follow in her dad’s footsteps. Fraser has received vocational training, but he is far from being independent.

Outdoor Emergency (05:27)

Robert and Fraser go canoeing. They spend summers together. Roberts suspects that he may be on the autism spectrum himself. He recalls losing Fraser during an outdoor excursion and having to call authorities.

Medical Emergency (03:29)

Fraser tries to kick a family friend. He later suffers a grand mal seizure. He has become more verbal since he started taking medication. Hallee is apprehensive about seeing her brother for the first time in a long time.

Rebuilding Relationships (06:32)

Shannon and Hallee reflect on the years the twins spent in Hope, a very unhappy time for Hallee. The twins bond after so much time apart. Fraser looks forward to visiting Hope, but he falls from a cliff while visiting his dad.

Lucky to Be Alive (06:07)

Fraser recuperates from injuries sustained during his fall. Hope visits her father, and they have a heart-to-heart talk. Hallee will have to look out for her brother as their parents age.

Credits: Love, Hope, and Autism (00:34)

Credits: Love, Hope, and Autism

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Love, Hope, and Autism

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This program takes viewers behind the startling statistics on the rise of autism in North America, and deep into the heart and history of a family raising a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This film exposes the powerful effects of ASD on a family, from the strain on the marriage to the inevitable shift in family dynamics.

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