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Mercury Dangers (04:48)


Investigative reporter Stacy Case was healthy until she had amalgam fillings installed. Elemental mercury is toxic through inhalation exposure. Buildings are evacuated if a thermometer breaks on a carpet, but amalgam fillings contain a similar amount of mercury.

Blacklisted (02:11)

University of Kentucky biochemistry professor Boyd Haley had researched mercury since 1985 and found links to Alzheimer's disease. He was suddenly denied funding to study its neurotoxicity, negatively impacting his career.

Difference of Professional Opinion (02:50)

Dental assistant Karen Burns gets her annual exam with her former employer Dr. Richard Goldberg. She believes she became ill from mercury exposure; he says the debate over dental amalgam safety has existed for decades.

History of Dental Mercury (03:44)

Learn about the long-standing controversy over the safety of amalgam fillings. The American Dental Association, formed in 1859, still promotes them as safe. Case describes neurological symptoms increasing in severity after getting amalgams.

Public Health Whistle Blower (03:08)

Haley and his wife Sandra were high school sweethearts. She discusses his commitment to educating people about the dangers of mercury poisoning. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology confirmed his suspicion that amalgam fillings were harming health.

Suffering Mercury Poisoning (03:41)

Burns feels no one understands her illness. The ADA maintains amalgam fillings are safe but IAOMT dentist Griffith Cole says their vapors accumulate in the body. Case describes being diagnosed with MS due to neurological symptoms.

Mercury-Safe Dentistry (01:59)

Dr. Matthew Young was a traditional dentist before he became involved with the IAOMT. He meets OSHA standards when removing amalgam fillings, including installing a mercury monitoring system and wearing protective equipment.

Raising Dental Amalgam Awareness (03:36)

At an IAOMT Conference in Tulsa in 2012, Haley speaks about the effect of mercury on disintegrating neurons and contributing to Alzheimer's disease. Case recalls learning about the link between amalgam fillings and mercury toxicity.

ADA "Gag" Rule (02:28)

Under the learned intermediary doctrine, healthcare practitioners are legally required to communicate manufacturer warnings to patients. However, the ADA has a provision stopping dentists from doing so. Burns informs patients of mercury-safe filling options outside the University of Pennsylvania Dental School.

Dentistry and Environmental Exposure (03:18)

Haley enjoys fishing but regrets the mercury toxicity risk. The UNEP reports that 10% of global mercury usage is from amalgam fillings; dentists dump mercury waste into the water system.

Dental Assistant Occupational Hazard (04:27)

Former FDA dental products consumer representative Mike Fleming says amalgams have never been tested for safety. An independent mercury testing laboratory has even found elevated levels in mercury-free dentists. Daily exposure caused neurological, fatigue, and fibromyalgia symptoms in Burns.

Barnes vs. Kerr (01:42)

IAOMT attorney Jim Love represented Dr. David Barnes in a lawsuit against the dental amalgam manufacturer claiming that it failed to adequately warn dentists and patients of the mercury toxicity risk. The judge sided with Kerr.

Visualizing Mercury Vapor (03:45)

Haley uses shortwave UV light to demonstrate mercury volatilizing from an amalgam. Young reflects on informing patients while transitioning to a mercury-safe dental practice. Goldberg says evidence is insufficient that amalgams cause systemic illness; Case’s symptoms improved after removing hers.

Genetic Susceptibility (02:05)

The ADA argues that not everyone with amalgams becomes sick or develops symptoms. This stance fails to consider genetics, biochemistry, and interactions with other environmental toxins such as lead.

FDA Amalgam Regulation Timeline (04:05)

In 1976, Congress mandated that grandfathered medical devices be classified. Consumers for Dental Choice sued the FDA in 2008; the judge ordered amalgam classified based on probability of harm. Case and Burns share how mercury toxicity has impacted their families.

Mercury Vaporization Experiment (03:02)

Haley and Young use inexpensive materials to demonstrate mercury vapor leaving an amalgam when drilled or brushed. They aim to disprove ADA and FDA claims that the experiment cannot be replicated.

Conflict of Interest (02:27)

While the FDA worked on classifying amalgam fillings, Obama nominated Margaret Hamburg as FDA Commissioner. She failed to disclose her position as a Henry Schein board member and provided no written recusal.

Chelation Process (03:16)

Case used her faith to decide on additional metal detoxification after removing amalgams. Burns had to stop treatment when her veins collapsed; she still suffers flu-like symptoms and few believe she has mercury toxicity.

2009 FDA Amalgam Rule (02:47)

Despite IOAMT regulatory challenges, the FDA declared mercury vapor from silver fillings safe for everyone. Henry Schein stock soared. Congressman Dan Burton criticizes Hamburg's conflict of interest.

Witnesses to Mercury Toxicity (03:17)

After successful chelation treatments, Case decided to tell her story. In 2006, Burns testified before Congress during a dental product investigation; the EPA rejected the FDA's claim that amalgams are safe.

Mercury Vaporization Experiment Results (04:07)

Haley and Young demonstrate high levels of mercury vapor released while drilling an amalgam—exposing patients, dentists, and dental assistants, and violating OSHA regulations. This disproves the ADA's claim that mercury remains inactive in the amalgam.

Holding the FDA Accountable (03:45)

Case appeals to the FDA to ban amalgam fillings. The FDA promised to review the evidence in 2011 but blamed HHS for delays. The IAOMT sued; in 2015, the FDA upheld the 2009 amalgam safety ruling.

FDA Whistleblower Document (03:43)

A 2012 report warned against placing amalgam fillings in vulnerable groups; the HHS vetoed its publication for political reasons. The UNEP is phasing out mercury fillings around the world; Haley is frustrated by the U.S. government ignoring evidence of harm.

Credits: Evidence of Harm (03:08)

Credits: Evidence of Harm

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This documentary chronicles the lives of three ordinary Americans, who become reluctant health advocates after suffering from severe health issues as a result of exposure to hazardous mercury vapors during routine dental procedures. The film presents a portrait of a dental industry all too willing to turn a blind eye to science, while placing profits and politics ahead of the 120 million Americans currently implanted with toxic mercury dental fillings.

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