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Desertion of a Minor (07:35)


The Metz Minor's Brigade meets a woman who left her 10 and 12-year-old children alone in the family apartment for a month. The mother explains that she could not afford their airfare. The judge and social workers attempt to detect cases of sexual abuse, neglect, and physical abuse.

Metz Child Welfare Center (04:23)

Children arrive following emergency placement for observation. The three children struggle to adjust to being in foster care. Three child care assistants feed eight babies in the nursery; hundreds of babies are shaken every year.

Flourishing after Attack (03:05)

Psychologists, nurses, and educators help children cope with trauma. The majority of those who reside in the center suffer from educational deprivation.

New Placement (05:02)

The director of the Metz Child Welfare Center welcomes three sisters who are frightened they will be hit. A judge will decide on a permanent placement or if the children can return to their parents within a year. The girls describe the physical abuse they endured.

Physical Abuse (06:01)

One child dies at the hands of their parents once a week. Cecile Bourgeon and Berkane Makhlouf bury Fiona at a lake after she chokes on her own vomit. Nicholas Chafoulais describes being informed that his daughter had disappeared.

Bourgeon's Character (02:53)

Bourgeon communicates in letters with a man, stipulating that she loves him and wants another child while incarcerated. The writing is adolescent in nature. Society as a whole must take responsibility if she kills another child.

Fear of Prisoner Release (03:52)

Chafoulais worries the punishment might be too light and wants to ensure he retains sole custody of Fiona's little sister. The hearing begins and is expected to last two weeks.

At-Risk Parents (09:03)

Violence can be psychological, emotional, physical, or sexual in nature. A magistrate in Metz adjudicates whether two children should be placed with their maternal or paternal aunts after their father murdered their mother.

Institutionalized Children (05:37)

On average there are 10 children per home; many of them have emotional or physical scars and exhibit behavioral issues. A social worker explains that meal times, homework, and showers can be difficult. The teen educator is responsible for preparing the children to live independently.

Institutionalized Teenagers (09:52)

Yohann is leaving the facility because he is turning 18. The organization prepares the teenagers by giving them a studio to live in and a budget. Cassandra refuses to discuss the abuse she endured from her father

Bourgeon's Appeal (05:57)

Bourgeon refuses to attend the proceedings for 48 hours. Chafoulais's mother and partner arrive to show moral support. Bourgeon and Makhlouf are sentanced to 20 years in jail.

Mistreating Children (03:33)

Social workers in Metz work on a program to help parents understand their wrongdoings. Adrian who lost custody of his eldest child meets weekly with a psychologist and an educator to learn how to effectively parent.

Reconnecting Families (06:47)

Social workers organize weekends in the countryside with families to test whether the children can be returned. Adrian's eldest is institutionalized because of his behavioral problems.

Leaving the Children's Home (05:55)

Yohann returns to celebrate Cassandra's departure. Mahamadou Diawara comes to say goodbye to his three mentees who are leaving. The educators prepare an album of Cassandra's time at the home and give her gifts for her new apartment.

Visiting Cassandra (06:38)

Cassandra trains to become a house painter and lives in the Home for Young Workers (HYW). She does not speak to her mother because her mother still does not believe she was sexually abused by her father and step-father. The majority of complaints brought by children are closed without investigation in France.

Credits: Victims of Child Abuse (00:19)

Credits: Victims of Child Abuse

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This poignant documentary sheds light on children who have been victims of abuse, mistreatment, and neglect. Following police, social workers, and judges, the program reveals the work that goes into protecting these children, and ensuring they have a better future.

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