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Introduction: Women Outward Bound (01:42)


In 1965, girls were not allowed to participate in high school competitive sports and were not welcome in the "outdoor" world. A group of 24 girls became the first in the U.S. to be allowed to attend a survival school.

Outward Bound Students (05:55)

Several women reunite after 47 years. They discuss their interest in the first summer program for girls and how they were able to attend. Maxine Davis recalls societal expectations in the 1960s.

Minnesota Outward Bound School (06:37)

See a promotional video for the Outward Board program for boys. Jean Sanford Replinger discusses creating a program for girls. Davis recalls the packing guide, arriving at camp, and the quiet walk.

Skill Building Activities (07:04)

Every morning, students run a mile and swim in the cold water; they train for a 16 day expedition. Women reflect on societal expectations in the 1960s, meeting girls with different backgrounds, reasons for attending the camp, and the initiative test.

"Shakedown" (04:18)

Students are divided into pairs and spend a night and day in the woods with limited supplies. Cathy Crowson recalls building a shelter and a moose encounter. Joan Thames recalls skinning a snake.

Wilderness Expedition (03:39)

Students begin their trek in canoes; the two brigades part at Moose Lake. Davis and Crowson recall the weather and forced simplicity.

Endurance and Team Building (04:53)

Davis reflects on feeling centered during the wilderness expedition. Several women recall the exhaustion and challenges. May Coors and Davis discuss important lessons.

"The Solo" (04:18)

Students spend three days alone in the wilderness with limited supplies. Davis cites excerpts from Thames' journal and food the girls ate. Women reflect n the experience and nature.

Outward Bound Reunion (06:04)

Davis locates program participants and they gather at her home where they reminisce. The women return to the camp and meet the new generation of instructors; they go canoeing.

Activities and Life Changes (06:46)

In the morning, some of the women jump in the cold lake. The group tours the grounds; some go repelling. Later, the women discuss the impact of Outward Bound and share stories about their lives.

Final Moments (03:08)

Many of the women go paddling on their last day at the camp. Davis reflects on saying goodbye and sharing an important experience.

Credits: Women Outward Bound (02:52)

Credits: Women Outward Bound

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A young girl today might have a hard time believing there was a time when girls were not supposed to do what boys were doing. But in the 1960s, girls were expected to be delicate, clean and demure, while aspiring to secure a husband and keep house. Yet in 1965, these stereotypes didn’t stop 24 adventurous young women from setting out to paddle canoes into the wilderness and live in the woods of Minnesota without any food or shelter, and who in the process, broke barriers. Women Outward Bound profiles the first group of young women to participate in the rigorous U.S. Outward Bound wilderness school. During their experience, the young women forged a special bond, and at a reunion 47 years later, the group reminisces about the lessons they learned and the memories they made. The documentary takes the viewer on a journey over many decades with rare archival footage, personal diary entries, family home videos, photos and aerial footage of the challenging Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. In the end, the girls proved that they could always handle the difficult challenges given by nature—they just needed to be given the chance.

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