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Top Down or Bottom Up? (01:23)


Aerial views of Mumbai reveal large slum settlements; the city does not have proper financing for planning or basic services. Authorities must choose to help residents make improvements or demolish shanty towns, replacing them with housing blocks.

Bottom Up Redevelopment (05:04)

Rural Indians have migrated to Mumbai for years; half of its 25 million residents live in slums. Arrivals live under plastic sheeting and make incremental upgrades. Sewage systems are difficult to retrofit, but Local non-government organizations are attempting to construct connections.

Top Down Approaches to Rehousing (09:07)

Mumbai struggles to upgrade slum conditions. Rehabilitation schemes include clearing areas and rehoming residents to high rise blocks at the city’s outskirts. Relocation strains individuals but provides better living conditions. SPARC works with authorities to construct housing close to neighborhoods and with features requested by inhabitants.

Credits: Mumbai Slum Redevelopment Challenge (00:13)

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Mumbai Slum Redevelopment Challenge

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The challenge for Mumbai’s planners is to improve the conditions for the urban poor while at the same time making sure social communities in the slums are protected. This program evaluates the pros and cons of different strategies used in this megacity to improve the lives of its slum dwellers including: incremental housing improvements, re-settlement and re-development.

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